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January 24, 2024
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Kiuas team

We launched our new initiative Kiuas Labs in late fall 2023 with the mission to provide anyone personalized and concrete help towards building a viable startup. Today, we've already had the honor of working with over 50 passionate founders, each on their unique startup journey. In this blogpost we reflect on some of the learnings and successes of our first collaborations.

Joonas Palkonen - Mystaze Founder: Validating the idea and finding the right advisors

Joonas, the founder of Mystaze, sought validation for his business idea and assistance in recruiting a tech advisor. Reflecting on his experience, he shared:

"Within the two weeks, we got really good ideas from Eelis. We added some call-to-actions to our website, which helped us with the validating process."

Our co-working sessions proved valuable for Joonas and his team, as they received insights on how to find a suitable tech advisor. Using their newly learned skills, Mystaze successfully onboarded a tech advisor, solidifying the team for the challenges ahead. Joonas is now gearing up for the funding phase, eager to kickstart the actual development of their platform.

Joanne Lin - Kiklos Founder: From insight to a Co-founder finding

Joanne Lin, founder of Kiklos, approached Kiuas Labs with the goal of growing early awareness of her subscription-based rental services. Reflecting on the support received, she noted:

"Undoubtedly, Kiuas provided us with more support than we had hoped for."

Kiuas provided Joanne and her team with strategy and practical tips for finding first customers. Kiuas Labs help resulted in the identification and testing of new initiatives, and Joanne proudly announced the addition of a co-founder to the Kiklos team. With a shared vision, the team is now has a clear road ahead. Joanne's priorities include rolling out the pilot phase, recruiting pilot customers, and actively connecting with stakeholders for potential partnerships. The Kiuas Accelerator is also on the radar for Kiklos, showing their commitment to growing to the next level!

Kiuas Labs is the hub for ambitious founders

Kiuas Labs is the ultimate destination for founders seeking support, irrespective of their startup's stage, industry, or location. Aspiring to be the best place for any founder to build their company, we welcome ambitious ideas with global potential.

Whether you're looking for guidance on finding your first customers, refining your business model, or validating your business plan, Kiuas Labs is here for you. Our simple yet effective structure allows founders to share their startup details, engage in a 30-minute discussion, set clear goals for the next two weeks, and work together to achieve those goals. If you're a founder, aspiring entrepreneur, or know someone with a groundbreaking idea, reach out to us!

Join the labs here. Your journey to entrepreneurial success begins here!

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