Kiuas Accelerator is an award-winning 10-week program designed to enable early-stage founders to build world-changing companies.

TAILORED program
From March to May
COST: 1% of equity
Alumni founders
Recommendation Rate
Worth of Tools

The program sessions are hosted fully online and can be completed without in-person participation. However, some optional side events take place in person in the Helsinki region.

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Kiuas Accelerator will be back for a new cohort in Spring 2024, and we are looking for the best early-stage founders to join our award-winning 10-week program. We’ve worked with over 600 founders, and our collective alumni pool has raised over 300M euros in funding. The application period will be open from January 2nd to February 5th, 2024.

You can already secure your spot by joining our Kiuas Labs (application open all-year-round)

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Tailored program
11.9. - 17.11.
COST: 1% of equity

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On February 8th Kiuas organizes two events at Startup Sauna for those interested in the Accelerator program:


At Kiuas Accelerator, the sessions you attend and the coaches you meet are selected depending on your needs. With this tailored approach we make sure you get to focus on the things that move the needle for your startup.


100+ Top entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts from around the world that guide you on the challenges that you are facing. You will get to meet the best coaches based on your needs.

get to know our coaches

Access to potential partners, investors, and talent - along with a community of over 600 Kiuas Alumni founders. By joining Kiuas Accelerator our network becomes your network for years to come.

get to know our alumni

Numerous cloud, analytics, and marketing tools along with other online and offline services from the top service providers - exclusively for Kiuas startups.

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The Program

The program sessions are 100% online and are organized Mon-Fri during EET working hours. There are weekly recurring sessions but most of the program contents are tailored to your needs. On average you can expect to spend around 10h per week working on the Kiuas Accelerator program.

Mentoring afternoons

Every week we have a dedicated afternoon during which you meet 2-3 mentors from our coach pool. These intense sessions with different mentors each week give you access to an invaluable network and accelerated learning.

Office hours

60-minute sessions every other week with a designated Kiuas team member. We track your progress and support your path through the program with advice and introductions.

Dinners and Founder Stories

Every week we gather the community together to learn from the founders who came before us. Some of the stories we’ve had in the past have come from the founders of companies like Smartly, Wolt, Yousician and Oura.

Deep dives and workshops

Sessions that focus on a specific topic. You will only be participating in sessions that are relevant considering your startup’s industry and phase.

Investor 1-on-1s

In the final weeks of the program, the focus is on building a path toward investment for your company. You will be meeting privately with relevant investors for your startup.

Entrepreneur in Residence

For the program, you are matched with an experienced Kiuas alumni founder, who you will be having 60-minute mentoring sessions every other week.

For who?

Early-stage founders working to solve real problems. We accept startups from all industries, regions, and stages. However, there are some critical aspects we pay attention to:


Is the problem that you are solving significant and urgent? What is the global potential for solutions to the problem?


Are you and your team committed and looking to grow as founders? What is the passion and level of dedication to solving the problem?


Can we together with our coaches help you? Will you be able to commit to the program and participate in the sessions?

Sounds good?

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Head of Program
Kristína Némethová