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5.7. - 20.8.2021


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Take your startup to the next level

Have you founded an early-stage startup with an MVP and are currently working towards finding a product-market-fit?

Kiuas Accelerator is a 7-week program composed of 1-on-1 mentoring, intensive working, invaluable perks, and peer support – aiming to help you enter the market, scale up your product & sales, find funding, and push your progress to the next level.

This year's program is organized 100% virtually.

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7 weeks




Product-market fit & Scaling


28.6. - 20.8.2021

# of startups



Free & zero-equity 🎁


Nordics & Baltics


Alumni founders


AVG rating from '18 & '19 participants


Would recommend to a friend

Great set of fellow entrepreneurs and startups. Amazing pumped up atmosphere!

Nitin Nalin

Co-Founder, Andaazle

Kiuas Accelerator exceeded our expectations: mindset to aim high, pitching to 600 people, and the founder community.

PΓ€ivi KangasmΓ€ki


Being accepted onto the Kiuas Accelerator is a privilege for any startup – especially those trying to ensure product-market fit.

Richard von Kaufmann

Founder, Pricetap

Very good program and we should have participated already last year.

Marc-Johann Kavantsaari

Founder, GuardianX


Kiuas Start spring '21

Application period is now open.

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The program

Kiuas Accelerator is the result of years of experience and feedback from both our coaches and startups. The themes of this program create a path from startup essentials, moving to operations and finally building up to growth. The program takes place during the day, and a more detailed weekly schedule will be posted here in the upcoming weeks.

Weeks 1-3

Customers & product

The fundamentals of customer development, USP, metrics, and more. Push your startup on the right track to build something customers love.

Weeks 4-6

Operations & team

Deep dive into go-to-market strategy, operations, sales, and teamwork. Bring more clarity and structure to your day-to-day work.

Weeks 7-9

Growth & expansion

The essentials of scaling, internationalization, fundraising, and hiring. Learn all the hidden knowledge to set yourself up for a high-growth future.


1-on-1 discussions with experienced founders, investors, and industry experts.


Interactive, hands-on sessions on various fundamental topics.


Regular group meetings with other founders to discuss learnings, challenges, and goals.

Demo Day

An annual gathering of investors and entrepreneurs to witness the Accelerator batch.

Weekly structure

We know how busy you are, and that's why a typical week will only consist of the most essential sessions to support your growth. In addition to the common sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, each startup can attend ad-hoc coaching on topics where they need help.



Weekly meeting with your group


Founders talk / Workshop


Morning / afternoon

Tailored coaching (optional)


Morning / afternoon

Tailored coaching (optional)



Mentoring sessions / Roundtable discussions / Workshop


Free of program

Coaching 🀝

Best support out there

100+ top Nordic entrepreneurs, investors, and experts to guide your startup on any challenges you may be facing.

Meet our coaches β†’

Startup sauna πŸ“

Free working space - 24/7

1500mΒ² of reservable office spaces, meeting rooms, phone booths, and an event space to use during the program and forever after that.

Explore the space β†’

Tools πŸ› 

$350k of free services

Numerous cloud, analytics, and marketing tools from the top service providers – exclusively only for Kiuas startups.

Kiuas Toolbox β†’

Networks 🌐

Invaluable connections

Access to potential partners, investors, and talent - with the help of the community support of over 250 Kiuas alumni.

Meet our alumni β†’

How does the coronavirus affect Kiuas programs?

All our future Start and Accelerator programs will be organized regardless of the COVID-19 situation.

Kiuas programs in 2020 have all been fully virtual, and the feedback has been superb. We will continue to organize our programs remotely until further notice.



In which areas can Kiuas help?


We support startups in pretty much all areas related to founding a company. Although the programs are built around topics that are common for any startup, our coaches can help on industry-specific matters as well.

Here's a list of some of the topics from the past few programs:

  • Idea validation
  • Product development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Launching
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Scaling
  • Fundraising
  • Legal
  • Growth hacking
  • Marketing
  • Branding & design
  • Hiring
  • IPR
  • Internationalization

How does Kiuas differ from other accelerators?


  • We take zero equity and the programs are free of charge. How?
  • We embrace the "from founder to founder" -mentality. We make sure that the people helping our startups have actually built successful companies themselves.
  • Content-wise, we aim to stick to topics that truly move the startups forward. Instead of perfecting your pitch and making you look like you succeed, we want you to actually succeed by focusing intensively on customers and product.
  • We have a pretty unique position in the scene. Unlike VCs and commercial accelerators, our success is not based on the financial success of the startups accepted, thus we can help founders in their earliest stages. It really doesn't matter how early you are.
  • We are well-connected. Our broad network consists of entrepreneurs, investors, clients, talent, and all the relevant players within the Finnish startup ecosystem.
  • Our participants constanly give the programs an average rating of >9.5/10.
  • Kiuas is founded and ran by students.

Do startups receive funding from Kiuas?


Not directly from us - however, Kiuas has a broad network of both VCs and angel investors that our startups can easily get to meet during the programs.

We and our alumni are also happy to help with understanding the fundraising fundamentals and different sources of public funding.


How is this all free?


The organization behind Kiuas is operating on a not-for-profit basis and is supported by various partners and other organizations. Furthermore, all of our activities are heavily based on "giving back" -mentality; e.g. our coaches are involved completely pro bono.


What and who is behind Kiuas?


Kiuas was founded in 2017 on the legacy of Summer of Startups, which has been organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society since 2010. Nowadays, Kiuas is operated as an independent legal entity.

Our core team consists of four people. The startups are supported by our 100+ coaches, some of which are highlighted here.


What does Kiuas mean?


Kiuas (in English: a stove) is a central and key part of a Sauna. Kiuas is the furnace that generates the heat. It makes the Sauna hot.


Who can apply to Kiuas programs?


Our programs are meant for any early-stage startups from all industries. Most of our startups are based in Finland but we may, occasionally, accept foreign startups into the programs as well.

If you have trouble figuring out if you should apply to Kiuas, shoot us a message and let’s have a chat! Even if applying is not relevant for you at the moment, we are always eager to meet new founders and see if we can help in some way.


How does applying to Kiuas work?


Prior to each program, we run a 1-2 month application period during which startups can apply online.

After the application period, we typically invite a part of the applicants for interviews in order to hear more and meet in person.


Should our startup apply for Start or Accelerator?


In Start, the focus is on validating your idea, building the early versions of your product, and securing your first customers. We don’t require a registered company nor a full-time founding team - no idea is too early. However, you can also be more towards the Accelerator-stage (already launched, full-time team etc.) in case you feel the program could bring value to you.

In Accelerator, the focus is on further topics such as product-market-fit, market entry, growth, sales, scaling up, and fundraising. You should have already built a somewhat functional version of your producy, gained some validation, and the majority of the founding team should be working full-time.

Having trouble to decide on the right program for you? Please shoot us a message and we can together discuss which one suits you better.


Can our startup apply to both of the programs?


Yes! Kiuas Start alumni often proceed to the Kiuas Accelerator program. One recent example is Nyxo, which participated in both programs in 2019. However, a normal application procedure is required.


How many startups are selected?


We select 15-20 teams to each batch of Start and Accelerator.


I’m working on my startup alone, can I apply?


Please do!

However, in that case, make sure you're capable of building/creating the first solution (prototype/MVP) of your idea yourself (and not lacking a developer, for example).

You can also use our online platform Kiuas Inside to look for co-founders for your project!


What if I'm not able to attend a session? Can I still apply?


Sure. Not a big deal if you let us know well ahead.


Where do the programs take place?


Our programs take place in the Startup Sauna co-working space in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland. We share the space with Aaltoes, Junction & Startuplifers and a handful of startups.

You can find more info about the space here. Feel free to drop by!


What does a typical program week look like?


In Start, the sessions take place during evenings and weekends.

In Accelerator, the sessions take place mostly on weekdays and inside normal working hours.

In both programs, we organize coaching sessions on 3-4 days each week, consisting of either 1-on-1 mentoring, workshops, talks, weekly meetings, or other program.

Overall, the programs are intensive but the focus should be on working on your startup.


Is physical attendance required?


Yes. At least one member from the founding team should be present. Keep in mind that on the current pandemic situation, physical attendance might not be possible. In that case, the attendance will be virtual.

Kiuas programs of 2021 are 100% virtual for now.


Do I have enough time to work on my startup during the program?


For sure. Each week typically consists of a total of 7-8 hours of program, divided into 3-4 days.

Furthermore, we aim to always tailor as much of the program as possible for each startup individually, so that it will fit everyone's specific needs.


Can we use the space after the program?


Yes! You're free to continue using the Startup Sauna co-working space and keep your 24/7 keycard as well.

We are also able to offer office rooms for alumni startups.


What happens after the program?


We typically meet with each startup 1-2 times during the following months to discuss any help needs and reflect back on the program.

Furthermore, our alumni get invited to our Kiuas Slack community which they can then use to get in touch with over 200 other Kiuas alumni founders.

In general, we are eager to help with anything - whether it’s an intro to a client or an investor, helping with finding talent to join your team, or just wanting to test new ideas with someone!


How are all the sessions organized during a virtual program?


  • All common sessions – talks, workshops, and roundtables – are organized via interactive Zoom webinars.
  • 1-on-1 mentorings and weekly meetings with the other startups are organized via regular video meetings via Zoom & Google Hangouts.

Is a virtual program less beneficial than a normal one?


Based on our experiences with our first-ever virtual program, Kiuas Start Spring '20, it really isn't. Since all sessions and perks can be arranged virtually, no major benefits of the program will be lost.

Of course, the social aspect of the program – meeting the other startups face-to-face – is reduced, but we compansate this with increased virtual meetings between the other startups in the batch.


Will the perks change in the case of a virtual program?


No – all the same benefits will be offered regardless of whether the program takes place physically or virtually.

Coaching – All mentorings talks, and workshops during the program are arranged via interactive video meetings and webinars.

Working Space – As soon as the Startup Sauna working space opens again, the access will granted to those startups that wish to have it.

Alumni Community – Apart from a couple of alumni gatherings, all other activities and our alumniΒ Slack community remain unchanged.

Tools – The entire $350k worth of tools in Kiuas Toolbox can be accessed normally.



Pauliina LΓ€msΓ€


Patrik Holopainen


Kiuas Start spring '21

Application period is now open.

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