Kiuas Toolbox is an exclusive collection of free and discounted services for Kiuas startups.

To access the toolbox, a startup must participate in either Kiuas Start or Kiuas Accelerator.

Amazon Web Services provides startups with the low-cost, easy-to-use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support.

For Kiuas Startups:

$10,000 in AWS Promotional Credit (valid for 2 years)

Up to $5,000 of AWS Business Support (1 year)

80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value)

HubSpot helps you generate leads, close deals, manage your pipeline, and delight your customers. HubSpot offers a suite of products for CRM, CMS, marketing, sales, and customer service: powerful alone, and even better when used together.

For Kiuas Startups:

90% off all HubSpot software for the first 12 months

50% off for the next 12 months (Up to $40,000 savings over 2 years)

Startup Onboarding with tech set-up and training (one-time $300 cost), dedicated strategy consulting, and round-the-clock support

Google Cloud Platform is designed to help you build and scale quickly. Whether it’s basic compute and storage, analyzing massive amounts of data or injecting your product with AI, Google has the tools you need.

For Kiuas Startups:

$3k* in Cloud and Firebase Credits for 12 months. If a minimum of $2.5k is used on the 1st year, credits will rise to $20k. Subsequently, if $15k is used in the second year, credits then top up another $80k.

In-depth 1-on-1 architecture reviews, 24/7

Technical Support and G Suite credits for new domains

SendGrid, a leading digital communication platform, enables businesses to engage with their customers via email reliably, effectively and at scale. Their cloud-based platform provides developers and marketers with the tools to seamlessly reach their customers using email.

For Kiuas Startups:

Access to any of SendGrid’s email plans up to the Pro 300k Email Plan (300,000 emails per month for 12 months), valued at US$2,388.40

Access to Marketing Campaigns (up to 52,000 contacts) for 12 months, valued at US$600

Access to (for stress testing web-apps and APIs) for six months, valued at US$300

Vainu is a company data platform to help you focus your sales and marketing efforts on the companies most likely to convert, buy more, or churn. With a database of over 100 million companies, Vainu brings all the information needed in prospecting into one, easy-to-use interface.

For Kiuas Startups:

Free access to Vainu's sales platform

2-month licence for current teams that are actively doing prospecting

Sales coaching and onboarding support

Roschier is a leading Nordic law firm, providing a full range of services to blue-chip Nordic and multinational clients across the region. Roschier has a particularly strong reputation in the high-tech sectors, such as intellectual property and ICT.

For Kiuas Startups:

Free legal consultation for current teams

Matching with the right lawyers to help with specific needs

All areas and industries covered