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The Heart of Entrepreneurship

At Kiuas our vision is to create a sustainable world through sustainable entrepreneurship, that focuses on building both social & business value. The reason we exist is nothing less than to solve large societal problems through entrepreneurship (e.g. unemployment or climate change). We aim to provide the best tools and services for startups and entrepreneurs to make this happen.

Our accelerator program Kiuas Accelerator help existing teams to validate their ideas, pivot and most importantly, scale fast. The programs include workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, peer support, and each team gets access to the Kiuas Toolbox, a large bank of software tools.

Purely online, Kiuas Inside offers a platform for finding your future co-founder, whether you already have an existing project idea or not. Kiuas Inside also acts as library of resources and is open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship. Inside is also a natural follow-up for those who have done Starting Up - a course on entrepreneurship, created jointly with Aalto University, Reaktor and Maki.vc. Both Starting Up and Kiuas Inside are 100% free, and their aim is to level the playing field, so that anyone, regardless of background or prior experience, has the same access to the startup ecosystem.

Together they make founding and scaling startups more accessible to everyone. With our startup accelerator programs & online services, we support existing startups and enable new ones, thus leading the transformation towards a world of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Key Focus Areas

In order to create the biggest impact, Kiuas has focus on the following:

Developing accelerator programs

Provide the latest tools, tailor our programs according to the teams attending and constantly update our Coach-pool to include the best professionals in each field.

Creating more startups

Give people the final push towards entrepreneurship, support them in getting an explosive start, and raise awareness of the resources the Finnish startup ecosystem offers.

Proactive collaboration

Collaboration with public and private organizations to access all possible perks, and increasing collaboration between large corporations & startups and research institutions & startups.

Driving sustainability

Priority on accelerating and supporting startups which aim to solve large societal problems, thus choosing only the teams with the truly sustainable ideas to our programs.

Our brief story


Summer of Startups (SoS), a summer-long accelerator program targeted for university students, is established by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.


Summer of Startups takes place every summer.

Early 2017

Summer of Startups and Team Up event are brought under one brand – and thus is Kiuas founded.

Late 2018

Kiuas becomes an independent entity with a dedicated full-time team.


New initiatives & scaling up 🚀 Kiuas Inside is born


New Team and the first 100% virtual programs. Focus on sustainability. Record breaking program feedbacks.

2021 →

First international Accelerator. Working hard to scale Kiuas to a next level

Blast from the past: "Summer of Startups 2013 - Episode 9: Ambition"

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We encourage our community to explore, but not repeat the mistakes done before. Courage and iteration are the keys to success. The journey to the unicorn fields is not easy, thus we aim to make it as rosy and soft as possible, without letting you commit rookie mistakes. This goal we share with all our partners, and we aim to keep it that way.

Our team at Kiuas is dedicated to the common goal of making the world a more sustainable place. As a cornerstone of the startup ecosystem in the capital region, we work hard everyday to provide the best services to the promising startups and entrepreneurs. One way or another, we'll always find the way. The Kiuas way.

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Product Developer


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Head of Community & Operations


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Head of Marketing


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Head of Program


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