Introducing: Kiuas Labs

November 16, 2023
Written by 
Kiuas team

We launched a new initiative through which anyone working on a startup gets support all year round. We hope that this initiative supports our mission of creating more viable companies. Join through here.


After helping over 600 early-stage founders we’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest indicator of future success is in the founding teams’ ability to learn fast, execute well, and most importantly, to truly understand their customers.

We get around 100 to 150 applications per Kiuas Accelerator batch and the most common reason for a startup being rejected from Kiuas Accelerator is the lack of evidence that there is a market need for their solution. Some of them might have even built a product already, but their data points in terms of do the customers actually need or even want this are very limited. Last summer we asked ourselves: What if we were able to sit down with everyone we rejected, go over their plan, and share our suggestion to talk to as many customers as they possibly can? Would it change the trajectory of these companies in a way that when they apply the next time they’d have a much stronger case? Or best case scenario, would they be able to build with such speed they’d no longer need us at all?

Coincidentally at the time, our co-founder matchmaking platform Kiuas Co-Founder surpassed 3000 registered users (how awesome is that?). Through hosting matchmaking events and running the platform we are daily in touch with the pain that these founders have over finding the right members for their team. However, if and (when) we were brutally honest with ourselves on why founders struggled with finding co-founders, we had to admit to ourselves that it is rarely the lack of talent or lack of profiles on the platform, but rather the lack of strong enough cases that would attract talent to leave their jobs for joining a startup.  We felt that the biggest service we could do to these founders would be to find a way to help them with their business cases that subsequentially will help them attract team members.

Enter, Kiuas Labs.

What is it?

All year round, any founder looking to get supported by Kiuas is invited to fill in a one-pager of what is it that they are working on. We review these one-pagers as they come in, do an analysis of the potential pitfalls or weaknesses of the plan, and sit down with every founder to provide a customized roadmap of what we suggest they do next. For the next two weeks after the meeting, they get access to unlimited 15-minute sparring sessions, a Kiuas-curated resource bank and are asked to keep us in the loop of their progress when executing the plan. For the founders its a free and easy way to get new perspective and support and for us its a way to identify and select companies for up coming  Kiuas Accelerator batches. Over the years a playbook of repeatable venture building steps has been slowly building internally at Kiuas and this initiative is our way of scaling our ability to help more founders build viable companies even outside of the Kiuas Accelerator cohorts.

We have already piloted the concept with 30 companies this fall and are now opening it to the public.

Who is it for?

Our aim continues to be the best place for any founder to come and build their company. Kiuas Labs is open to any founder, despite the stage, industry or location to receive support. If you are looking to grow fast, and have an ambitious idea that could go international, Kiuas is the best community for you to come and build your company in.

So if you are a founder, a founder to be or know one, please reach out! Our mission is to make sure you get the best possible resources to build the next success stories that change the world.

Join the labs through here.

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