Introducing the Spring Batch of Kiuas Accelerator Spring 2024!

March 18, 2024
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Kiuas team

We are proud to present the Kiuas Accelerator Spring cohort of 2024. We look for teams that are motivated, hard working and beyond anything else, understand the problem of their customers better than anyone. This is why this batch was selected by arranging an intense Kiuas Bootcamp, during which 70 shortlisted teams from applicants contacted over 1400 potential customers and held over 400 customer interviews. We are happy to present the 15 teams that showed the best understanding of their customers, ability to learn and execute fast.


Yblade upcycles end of life wind turbine blades which no longer qualify for the original intended use. Expertise of the company is to cut, transport and refit the blades usually made of glass-fiber with epoxy resin. After processing, parts of the blades will be reused in different industries such as construction or marine industry.

Aika Report

We are a company with a background in civil engineering, dedicated to developing solutions that enhance the efficiency of tasks and data management within the construction process. Our innovative solutions have significantly boosted our own company's productivity, and we are now excited to offer our vision and expertise to others


AudioCat is a fully accessible audiogame platform mainly aimed at the visually impaired. Audiogames are solely focused on the audio and visuals can form in the player's imagination.


Through an innovative booking system our online marketplace provides individuals with direct and seamless access to personalised coaching, therapy, and educational resources in just three clicks and professionals the opportunity to painlessly and cheaply market themselves directly to clients (no more LinkedIn spam with no return).


CoinKids is a family-oriented financial education app designed for children aged 4 to 10. CoinKids is their first financial companion who will teach them how to manage their money in a fun and engaging way. For parents, CoinKids is education, help their kids to build healthy financial habits, and the content & features is according to your kid’s needs and understanding.


A digital platform that effectively links shippers with logistics providers through accurate targeting and comprehensive insights for informed decision-making


Done unleashes the untapped potential of individuals by offering a sustainable and attractive option for self-employment. It serves as a marketplace for local services, making the process of buying and selling services both enjoyable and effortless.

Freely Energy

Freely is a renewable energy optimization software with AI. Building-integrated photovoltaics into smart homes has the potential to revolutionize the way homes are designed, constructed, and powered. It represents a convergence of architecture and energy production, leading to homes that are not just places to live but are also active participants in the energy landscape.


Frobe is a B2B marketplace modernizing the construction industry. Our platform connects professionals and buyers, promoting open competition and streamlining the procurement process. Easily compare contractors, ensure compliance, and build with confidence.


Your subscription for a healthier lifestyle. Choose from a variety of meal plans tailored to your goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or convenience. Say goodbye to meal prep and grocery shopping, and hello to saving time while embracing a healthier way of living.

Hei Dingo

Matchmaking platform for international women living abroad to find work opportunities with recruiters expanding their DEI.


Our algorithm automatically converts any online video recipe into a step-by-step recipe format, allowing content creators to monetize their content and increase engagement. For users, the app allows to search for recipes by ingredients, customise recipes to suit their needs, cook with clear instructions, grocery shop, and discover new creators.


Runfrog provides a comprehensive solution for runners by offering a multifaceted app. It features expert-designed training programs, injury prevention tips, and nutritional advice. The app caters to all levels of runners, ensuring personalized and safe training routines. It simplifies complex training concepts, helping runners avoid common pitfalls such as overtraining and injuries.


Kelosound brings nature closer to people and helping them to relax, enjoy, and refresh themselves through sound. We create experience-based sound products and systems for spaces by bringing together relaxing nature sounds, tangible vibrations of sound, and natural design.


Building an artist-friendly platform for streaming live shows.

We are more than excited to work with these outstanding and ambitious teams for the next 10 weeks and will be sharing some updates on the way. Stay tuned!

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