Kiuas Startups – The art of trying

February 9, 2021
Written by 
Mari Liukkonen

Victor Pardinho, the founder of Sense of Space, had been working with researchers, artists, and tech-people when they came up with the idea: a startup working with immersive and interactive digital experiences. They work with projects and build software solutions for the future of immersive 3d content creation.

The team sure had an idea, but no clue how to turn the project into an actual business.

“We had this idea, but we really needed still to meet the right people to help us and to gain more insights about the business side,” he explains the reason behind applying for Kiuas Start. When Sense of Space was applying for the program, they had just a demo and everything else was going to be figured out during the three weeks.

Just like all chosen teams, Sense of Space took part in workshops, founders talks and mentoring. Victor thinks that 1-on-1 mentoring was definitely one of the best things that Kiuas Start offered: “the best thing was the whole network of people and all the connections we made. We got to talk with many people like Riku Seppälä, Antti Ylimutka, Jari Jaanto, and Inka Mero.”

The best thing about Kiuas Start is the fact that the participants don’t really need to have experience in entrepreneurship. “Kiuas Start is perfect for people who don’t know much about entrepreneurship, but who wants to start to think about it. The program prepares teams well for more serious things,” Victor sums up.

It’s hard, but not impossible

Entrepreneurship can be seen in a very different way from outside. Success stories, big investments, and groundbreaking innovations.

“Before Kiuas, I only heard success stories and nothing about the failures. When you get to meet and actually talk with entrepreneurs you realize that many of them failed many times before finding the one thing that works,” Victor tells about one of the perks of talking to our coaches.

Kiuas Start is all about learning. We encourage the teams to try out their idea to see how far it will take them. When asking Victor about the biggest lesson learned at Kiuas Start, the answer come quickly: the biggest lesson learned was that it is not impossible to set up a successful business and grow:

“It is hard, but not impossible. The most important thing is to try. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Groundbreaking ideas are the ones that only a few people are thinking about – and those take a lot of courage to be built and tried out.”

Apply for Kiuas Start Spring 2021!

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