go from Zero to one in three weeks


Kiuas Start is built for passionate people who want to turn their projects into something more. The three-week-long pre-accelerator program will take place between 27 October and 17 November at Startup Sauna, Espoo. The application period for Kiuas Start is open now!


The program consists of high-quality workshops, one-on-one mentoring and intensive work to build your MVP, define your business plan and find your first customers.

The program is organized outside regular working hours (evenings and weekends), which means you can participate even if you’re a student or working full-time simultaneously. Attending is mandatory, but since it can be tricky combining studies or work life with building a startup, missing a few sessions is okay if you discuss it with us first. A detailed schedule will be published soon.

Our mentors

We in Kiuas could not do this alone - that's why we've invited successful entrepreneurs and other experts to join us as mentors!

Our mentor pool includes Inka Mero, Kasper Suomalainen, Pia Erkinheimo, Juska Teittinen, Paavo Räisänen, Ville Simola. Antti Ylimutka, Jutta Haaramo, Martti Paatela, Joel Hypén, Natalia Rincón, Marja Ojala and many others.


Participants can get 5 ECTS credits for completing Kiuas Start. Getting the credits requires writing a report in addition to participating the program. Detailed information about the credits and how to complete the course will be sent to the participants well before the program begins.

Become a startup founder by doing what you love.

The application period ends 30 September and interviews will be held 3-5 October. The selected teams will be informed 8 October. If you have any questions about the program or the application process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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