You and your startup are unique - So is Kiuas Accelerator

January 31, 2023
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It's safe to say that Kiuas Accelerator has been successful: Our teams collect the most funding, network with the top entrepreneurs and benefit from other perks that we and our community have to offer.

You might be wondering how do we do it? The answer: Instead of all the usual startup buzz and fuzz, we really focus on what’s essential.

Running a startup is mostly defined by lack of pretty much everything - except maybe passion. There’s a lack of funding, lack of customers, lack of expertise, lack of networks, lack of time, and many others. The way to address this is to focus. Focus on the things that really move you forward now, not on something nice to have. From an accelerator standpoint, it means that we won’t waste your time on things that are not relevant at the stage you are at. At Kiuas you only spend time on the things that move the needle for your company.

"We don't push you our ideas about what we think you need - instead, we listen, and address the issues where you need help the most."

We have a wide network of experts ranging from general growth hackers to niche industry experts, and everything in-between. You can find some familiar faces if you have a look at our coaches. We hand-pick the right people for you who can offer individual support where you need it the most. Your feedback is listened, so that the content and the coaches can be adjusted during the program to best meet your needs. Furthermore, we are keen to make introductions and establish connections even outside of our network.

Overall, if you are wondering what can Kiuas help you with, the answer lies in whatever problem you’re dealing with. And it’s not just business issues - we all know that growing your startup often demands personal growth and hard decisions as well. That’s why we also address the personal side of things and connect you with people who’ve walked the same path as you are on.

It’s fair to say that Kiuas Accelerator is the best opportunity to take your startup and personal growth to the next level. Read more & apply before Wednesday the 15th of February at

P.S. Kiuas organizes events about the Accelerator program on February 8th at Startup Sauna. Be sure to check out Kiuas Pre-Accelerator Bootcamp and Kiuas Accelerator Spring 23 Program Info

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