Where start-up teams find their co-founders

January 26, 2024
Written by 
Kiuas team

Founding a new start-up can be a difficult journey with a lot of challenges and obstacles. One of the most critical steps in this journey is finding the right co-founder. Running a company only by yourself will certainly be extremely hard. Having a co-founder brings complementary skills, more resources, and additional support to the start-up team. But how and where do start-up teams typically find their co-founders? Let’s go through the most popular ways.


Existing network

Many people find their co-founder from their existing network. Starting a company with a personal friend can be a natural choice. However, there is a risk of straining the personal relationship if the business encounters troubles. Study friends, colleagues from previous jobs and friends of friends can all be good co-founder candidates. It's still important to ensure they have the skills and work ethic that complement your own.

Kiuas Accelerator alumnus Wudpecker, an AI-driven knowledge management startup, was founded by Hai, Ankur and Joona, who met while studying at a university.


Online platforms

In today's digital age, many people use online platforms to find co-founders. Social platforms like LinkedIn are great for connecting and finding people with a specific set of skills. However, having complementary skills is not enough, because you want to find people who are also interested in building a start-up. There are platforms designed directly for finding co-founders, like our Kiuas Co-Founder or Y Combinators Co‑Founder Matching

Sami and Ronnie found Karoliina’s profile on the Kiuas Co-Founder platform. The trio met, went to an escape room, and started working on Commu, a mobile app for giving and asking for help.

Networking events

Networking events are great places for entrepreneurial spirits to meet. These events can bring together a diverse group of people from various industries and with different skillsets. Kiuas Co-Founder, for example, organizes co-founder networking events every couple of months, drawing in a crowd of eager entrepreneurs. The next event will be held on the 29th of January, 2024.



Joining an accelerator program can not only provide mentorship and investor connections but also connect you with potential co-founders. Accelerators often attract individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets and diverse skill sets, making them ideal for finding a co-founder who can complement your abilities. Many entrepreneurs who have joined Kiuas Accelerator have later found their next team or co-founder from the Kiuas community.

Flowrite, an AI-powered writing productivity tool, was founded by Aaro and Karolus. They met when Aaro was working at Kiuas and Karolus participated in Kiuas Accelerator with his previous idea.

Keep in mind that these are not the only ways to find a co-founder. Whatever strategy you use in your search, remember to be active and use enough time to get to know your potential co-founders. Good luck in your co-founder search!

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