The new Kiuas Accelerator Spring 23 batch is here!

March 20, 2023
Written by 
Kiuas team

We are happy to be presenting the 19 new startups that are participating in the Kiuas Accelerator this spring. Despite the current economic outlook, or because of it, the startup scene is looking to grow. Many who have already achieved success in their careers are now looking to commercialize their solutions through startups. No matter the situation, there is always a demand for great ideas and ways to do things better.‍

What we at Kiuas see is that the current trends reflect in the companies that apply to our programs. Entrepreneurs are clearly working on solutions for critical social and environmental problems that constantly make the news, for example, the healthcare crisis. Furthermore, the solutions to the problems are increasingly based on new technologies such as AI or Web3. It seems that the hype behind these technologies is about to be realized in new tools that tackle old and new arising problems.

So, what are the new startups like? Here are the 19 companies that we are going to work with for the next 10 weeks and beyond:


Apukuski makes moving houses, offices, and business deliveries available for customers when they want with transparent pricing and easy booking, benefitting AI.


Ringit provides a platform for families to host and discover activities from each other which makes the everyday life of parents easier.’s service helps young people to improve their holistic well-being with low-threshold peer-to-peer counseling provided by psychology students.

Combine DAO

Combine provides open-source, natural language contracts with embedded logic to facilitate network-native agreements between people, organizations, businesses, and governments.


Deisy is a digital tool for organizations to do their diversity and equality planning in a simple way.

Innate AI

Innate is an AI marketing automation platform that has the capability to generate personalized content based on consumer insights derived from social intelligence.


Self-service smart box for maintenance of IT devices is at the heart of itFixBox's offering. They enable remote IT device repairs for consumers and corporate IT support with a smart box.

Lagom Foods

Lagom Foods offers customers ready-made macro-calculated foods for the whole day, allowing them to control their diet and weight easily from one app.


KLiin is a pick-up and delivery laundry and dry cleaning service that takes care of your laundry for you.


Munchi offers an all-in-one food app for foodies. Whether you’re looking for delivery, dine-in, cashback, or table booking, it’s all in Munchi.


NoCFO is a cloud-based accounting platform that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to stay on top of their bookkeeping and invoicing.

O2 Terveyspalvelut

Healthcare organizations urgently need staff and O2 Terveyspalvelut has set out to solve that with novel recruitment solutions that provide access to nurses and doctors and promotes work-based immigration.


Resolud’s Sponsord is a location-based gamified treasure hunt exercise app and a marketing platform that leverages the addictive aspects of digital entertainment to overhaul our passive lifestyle while providing value for digital marketers.


Sherio is a matchmaking tool to find roommates and accommodations according to people’s needs and preferences.


Turkle prevents silent breakdowns of machine learning models.


SteelLeanel offers a comprehensive and patented technology solution for construction companies to manufacture low-energy wall structures.


Tyyni is a personalized mental wellness app that delivers evidence-based professional support, resilience building, and social empowerment to break the cycle of constant performing and prioritizes human-centered wellness.


With satellite imagery and AI algorithms, WHERE helps cities, urban planners, and consulting companies across Europe to proactively identify problems, determine trends, and offer the most effective solutions for sustainable development of territories and companies.


Upwash offer on-demand car wash, oil change, and tire change services delivered to the clients location.

We are beyond excited to be working with these wonderful teams for the next 10 weeks and will be sharing some updates on the way. Stay tuned!

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