Kiuas Accelerator – The brand new teams of a brand new Accelerator program: here's the Spring batch!

March 4, 2022
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Kiuas team


Howya is developing an application-based service that helps its users, teams, and organizations to follow, detect, and prevent burnout and the decreasement of wellbeing. Howya is a Finnish startup and its approach to the problem is the first of its kind. At the moment we are expanding the amount of test teams.


Pleme disrupts the furniture industry by design and a digital-first approach.


Palance is a provider of portfolio analytics tools, for the everyday investor. Unlike its peers, the company has simplified the analysis experience for Retail Investors by having a user-friendly interface that produces affordable and concise risk reports that highlight only the most important attributes of an investment portfolio. Its analysis spans across a range of asset classes including Equities, ETFs, Indices, Mutual Funds, Investment Trusts, and even Digital Assets (i.e., cryptocurrencies).

By using Palance, Retail Investors will have a deeper understanding their portfolios, the inherent risks within it, and ultimately help construct a more diversified portfolio with appropriate levels of risk to minimise the risk of permanent capital loss. Investors will be better equipped to first, preserve wealth, and beyond that, generate long-term returns.


Jobexio is providing intelligent IT recruiting and skill management service. This service is making team management intuitive,  recruitment fast and affordable, and easy for professionals to try freelancing or find the job of their dreams without a hassle.

Jobexio does this by providing a platform where teams can manage their own members skills and resource allocations, find the top talent with the help of an intelligent algorithm and those top talents can anonymously let the perfect jobs to find them instead of actively searching for a perfect job.


Lakihelppi - A lawyer in your pocket.

We are modernizing legal services entirely by bringing legal services available to everyone, regardless of time and place.

Our technology combines automation and personal service to ensure customers with easy-access and quick legal help with transparent prices.

Moi Panda

Moi Panda provides a social and educational APP for both children and parents to make friends worldwide with our specially designed match-making system, children are able to make friends worldwide, learn new languages, social skills, communication skills and culture exchange with each other, and their parents can be friends as well and exchange education-related experience and parenting tips, and share all kinds of feelings, struggles and experiences. Since it’s for children and parents, safety issues are secured under parents’ supervision.

It enhances the connection between children and children, children and parents, and parents and parents worldwide by using gamified design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and innovative business model; it supports users to learn and experience foreign languages and international culture through peer-to-peer support via real-time video/chat communication, interaction and collaboration in a fun and engaging way.


Velbi eliminates burnout at work. By using a scientifically validated assessment and adaptive AI, Velbi delivers science-based testing and customized learning interventions that build sustainable and healthy habits at the workplace.


Swmp is creating a market protocol for nature conservation projects that can be used as ecological and carbon compensation for companies aiming to offset their unavoidable environmental impact. The voluntary carbon compensation market is riddled with problems to be solved, and Swmp's blockchain-based technology can solve the great majority of them.


Weny is developing a platform for hospitality & restaurant industries that will enable them to offer customers a seamless customer experience in digital world. The technology we provide allows hospitality & restaurant businesses to differentiate themselves and manage their businesses more efficiently.


Fennet is making the learning of Mandarin Chinese characters easy, entertaining, and effective. To achieve this goal, Fennet is developing Vividize, a smartphone application, which brings a new approach to Mandarin Chinese learning. By using animations with memorable stories for each character, Vividize boosts memorization and helps users learn characters faster than ever before.


SENSEDAT is developing a mental health digital biomarkers platform that integrates wearable physiological and behavioral biomarkers into a cloud-based artificial intelligence analytinc environment, providing: early screening of mental health issues, to timely make referrals to mental health services; Objective diagnostic and monitoring criteria, to predict treatment response and risk of relapse and improve and personalize patient treatment outcomes; Advanced AI analytics for any mental health therapeutic clinical development, to reduce bias and placebo response in clinical trials.


Vaskio offers easy to use marketplace for small producers, farmers, and shopkeepers. In this joint marketplace, customers can effortlessly find local entrepreneurs in the same place. Easy access and flexible delivery options ensure that marketplace is there where the customer are.


Ai2Ai is developing a real-world interaction device platform. This allows developers reach markets in which mobile phones or VR glasses are not suitable. Our goal is to bring the benefits of digitalization into the real world instead of forcing people into a digital one.


Kriterion is the worlds leading provider of deep digital twins. An AI powered physical asset health monitoring system. Enabling physical asset owners to obtain a holistic view of asset health and performance, ensuring maximisation of machine performance and capital return on investment while minimising total cost of ownership. Kriterion, fixing the world.

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