Batch of S21 - The biggest problem with Plastic? It doesn’t rot!

April 12, 2021
Written by 
Adam Rowe

400 million tons of plastic are produced each year with 40% going into disposable and short life products. Most consumers, especially ones living within Europe believe that their plastic waste is recycled. In fact in Finland, only 27% of plastic waste is actually recycled! Even if you dispose of your plastic in a recycling waste bin, there is still a high chance it will not be recycled.

Enter new Bio Plastics! The biggest problem with Bio Plastics…. you guessed it…. It doesn’t rot!

55% of Bioplastics produced do not biodegrade, they may be made of plants rather than oil, but once created they act exactly the same. The majority of that remaining 45% biodegradable bioplastics will only break down in a specialised industrial composting system. That means if it goes to landfill or even nature it may never fully breakdown.

So even if you buy a ‘100% biodegradable, plant based bioplastic product’ research shows that it probably will not be recycled or processed in the correct way to make it completely disappear. Next time you see packaging for a new Bioplastic product, check the small print on the back and see for yourself.

The Boreal Project has a solution and… it Rots!

Our Bio composite material made in Finland, is not just 100% home compostable. It's also made from a waste material, Spent grains. Spent grain is a highly abundant left over waste material from the brewing industry. We all know how fins like a beer, so over 80,000 tons of this waste material is made every year in Finland.

We take that normally waste material, work our magic and turn it into a very special Bio composite. One that really Rots! It will never harm the environment, even if it never sees an industrial waste facility.

Kiuas S21 questions

What was your childhood dream job?
To be a robot engineer that only used wood.

If you would get 1 billion euros right now, what would you do?
I would invest it wisely in real-estates and stock markets and rest of it I would give away for good causes.

Choose: A world with fast internet everywhere, anytime vs. A world with personal flying vehicles. Why?
Fast internet. It’s the most important life & industry changing technology of our generation. It would bring huge economic benefits to all people that were previously without. It is the most empowering technology with almost limitless possibilities.

If you could change one law in Finland, what would it be?
Needing to pass a language test to gain citizenship... Finnish why are you so tough!

Ideal vacation: a) A ride to space and back, b) 2 weeks in an all-inclusive, all paid beach resort, c) a week of alpine ski-hiking and riding in the Alps.
A. A new perspective of the world in which we call home.

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