Leaner Entrepreneurship

February 18, 2021
Written by 
Patrik Holopainen

Out of all the new phenomena that this pandemic has created, COVID-19 has also brought new challenges to everyday life, whether it is how to stay social, work or in general - live. Obviously these problems have paved the way for new startups such as Clubhouse or Hopin, but the impact on entrepreneurship might be larger than that.

The pandemic has a different effect on each one of us, and that is why we all have our own set of mini-puzzles to solve. Some have swapped electronic desks to ironing boards, whilst others have optimized their laundry, so that the sound of the washing machine does not interfere with video meetings. Maybe because these problems are so close to our home or whether we are bored within the containment of our four walls, we’re living an unprecedented time of creativity and problem solving.

Now, some might say that this is a passing phenomenon, however, we are also living a time of creator tool abundance. No-code tools like Airtable, Webflow and Zapier have taken role as the elements for building applications, addressing a much wider range of creators than just those who know programming. What happens when a large part of the world is riddled with new everyday challenges, and they have access to more enabling tools than ever before?

Maybe the next wave of entrepreneurship is not going to be about Silicon Valley-esque mega-round monsters, but rather millions of local community applications: Barber shops for kids within a few blocks - all monetary transactions done on a no-code website? Uber lookalike for a small village created with a Telegram bot? Who knows what the near future holds.

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