Kiuas to partner with VALO Hotel & Work

October 11, 2021
Written by 
Kiuas team

We've been working at Kiuas with new partnerships to strengthen our services and provide even more help and resources to our Alumni and Community. We're extremely glad to announce that VALO will be joining us as a partner and will bring their sustainable services as a great addition to our community!

Both Kiuas and VALO have a clear vision of a better, sustainable world. We both believe in the power of a strong community and growth mindset, that also creates new business opportunities. We are more than happy to welcome Kiuas teams to join our community and to experience our new hybrid concept. We believe in the power of community that helps to make new business opportunities and enables businesses to make growth.

VALO combines a hotel and an office into one. Imagine bringing all the services from a high-end hotel into the work environment, and the vibrant energy from a workspace into the hush of a hotel.  It is an innovation born of the happiest people in the world, taking sustainable real estate to a whole new level.

Office buildings have a staggeringly low utilization rate of approximately 8% when considering their entire life cycle, and hotels have one of approximately 40%. Because our rooms can be both hotel rooms and office rooms at different times of the day, we raise our utilization rate significantly and are sustainably in 24 hour use. We’ve considered sustainability in all our operations and our design. All our sustainability actions can be seen here:

We have modern and stylish office and co-working space for businesses with fluctuating facility needs. It’s all about the diversity in workspaces - there’s room for privacy and community, for intense focus and collaboration alike. Great meetings and events at VALO are about more than just beautiful and diverse spaces. Easy online booking, modern meeting tech and fantastic services from catering to wellness after work - that’s the experience.

We can’t wait to see you at VALO!

- Laura Jokinen & Pauliina Pusa

More information about VALO can be found here.

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