Kiuas Start – The Spring 2021 batch

March 15, 2021
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Kiuas team

Meet the Spring 2021 batch

The pandemic keeps forcing us to stay in our homes, but that hasn't diminished the motivation of new teams to start their entrepreneurial projects. We received a whopping 100 applications, which is the largest amount of applicants ever to apply to our Start program! From this number, we selected 16 promising teams to shoot them to a shiny Start.

This time many of our teams happen to have a health tech vibe, but we also have promising projects on sustainable materials and construction, just to name a few. Check them all out!

More of our teams at

Accompany Oy

Accompany tells B2C companies what their clients want & need in sustainability.

With sophisticated analytics tools, social media data and an unique partnership model, Accompany identifies most engaging sustainability topics and optimal consumer segments -- directly from the clients' own audiences.

Focusing B2C sustainability efforts into low-hanging fruit topics and segments makes getting into sustainability and succeeding in it straightforward and more effective.

AInova MedTech

AInova MedTech is updating medical education and advancing surgical planning. With XR, AI and additive manufacturing, AInova equips new Medics with real clinical skills and improves patient outcomes in surgery.

Cardiomtec Oy

Cardiomtec is a Finnish 2020 founded corporation holding more than 20 years of experience of developing medical devices. Cardiomtec specializes in developing applications and portable devices for wellbeing technology. Cardiomtec products are affordable, small and reliable.

With Cardiomtec devices one can measure and evaluate cardiac function of an individual at home environment, data is uploaded to a cloud server from where a medical doctor can review it with web-portal.


CyberPaper provides a platform for junior researchers and junior Ph.D. students to share code, notes and research ideas based on academic papers. Junior researchers have to do a lot of paper reading and code reproduction in their daily work. However, they usually spend a lot of time searching for the code online but failed. CyberPaper helps them reduce the pain of results reproduction and promotes their research efficiency to generate more research ideas.

Evexia Oy

Evexia encourages patient-oriented healthcare through building a new digital solution for cancer care. Alas, no solution exists in helping doctors determine objectively the physical condition of the patient. Evexia’s mobile application, data-analysis and clinical dashboard allows doctors to make better and more objective care decisions for patients and thus make cancer care better for all involved.


FLUFFSTUFF aims at replacing commonly utilized unsustainable filling materials of the textile industry with an natural, non animal and low-impact alternative. By tapping in and building on forgotten knowledge, FLUFFSTUFF will be able to provide the market with locally sourced raw filling material as well as selected textile products, all inline with high social, ecological and circular principles.


Hireproof significantly improves the quality of job interviews. The platform helps users create interview templates, make meaningful meeting notes, and evaluate candidate answers. It also supports the interviewer during the interview situation. Hireproof brings untapped psychological research to interviewers in the form of an easy-to-use SaaS. With Hireproof, anyone can become a veteran recruiter and make better hiring decisions. It makes candidates happier too!

InLove Group Oy

Inlove Group Oy is developing a new platform for online dating called Lovena. Lovena brings together people who are looking for a long-term relationship and it focuses on matching the right people for each other. Platform is helping people create more effective and attractive profiles and giving customers education with dating (communication, interacting with other people, self-esteem etc). Better profiles, better matching and better interaction - that’s Lovena.

KUI Technologies Oy

KUIVA IoT measures the condition of building structures in real time, compares the behavior of structure to designed behavior, and predicts the risk of mold growth in structure. The aim is to reduce operating costs for building owners and make buildings safer for occupants.


PULSSIR is technologies for round-the-clock contactless monitoring of vital parameters and behaviour. The combination of radar and AI saves many lives.


Raxalle is on a mission to improve occupational safety and work efficiency at construction sites.

Raxalle is a virtual onboarding solution for the construction industry. The service enables site-specific onboarding for construction workers that is easy to use, efficient and requires minimal effort from the construction company.


Skole is an app for students to discuss their studies anonymously. In Skole, students can get help from the community and spread their knowledge with others easily.

The Boreal Project Oy

The Boreal Project is developing a new business model for utilising waste spent grain from the brewing industry. Especially their revolutionary home compostable biocomposite, that is a perfect inline solution for manufacturers to reduce co2 emissions and eliminate waste. is a digital platform bringing together customers and farmers. For consumers, the platform provides the joy of finding: get ideas for places to visit and the opportunity to share and read feedback. For farmers, the platform makes it easier to be found, collect feedback and develop services. As a result, will bring back the local buzz in the rural areas, supporting new kinds of clusters and growth of business.


Trialwell is a digital platform utilising AI that helps to raise awareness of clinical trials and studies that are non-pharmaceutical with a focus on health and wellbeing, whilst providing a cost effective recruitment service for researchers and sponsors. Our aim is to help as many people as possible know that these types of research projects are open for them to join, which could also be of value and benefit according to their personal health profile.

XR Nation

XR Nation is a business ecosystem for the Extended Reality (XR) industry in the Nordic-Baltic region developing a platform for connecting XR companies and freelancers with brands for content creation and other XR-related projects.

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