Kiuas Start – Meet the Spring 2020 batch

March 17, 2020
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Kiuas team

After receiving a record-breaking number of 112 applications to Kiuas Start and choosing 20 teams to take part in the program, it was time to get the program started. However, the current situation brought us a new, but also pretty exciting challenge to organize an online program for the first time ever.

Just like in all of our programs, our goal is to bring startup founders together to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and each other – this time just virtually without changes in content or quality. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Meet the Spring 2020 batch

The Spring 2020 batch consists of a diverse group of people: multiple PhD’s, a team  of high schoolers, two teams that met on Kiuas Inside, Junction winner, a person with 3 exits, and for some the third time's a charm when applying to a Kiuas program.


Clozeta is solving two problems: the unusage of clothes and the consumption of fast-fashion. Their solution to these problems is an online clothing renting platform where their customers can achieve an unlimited wardrobe. Clozeta’s online service offers ecological high-fashion clothes which can be rented one-time or with a monthly subscription.


Ditto offers smart payment cards for SME employees without money transfers or new bank accounts. Employees can use company money when they need to, employers get greater transparency and control into what money is being spent on, and everyone deals with less paperwork.


Driim is Netflix for wellbeing. Driim brings together well-established wellbeing experts from various fields including fitness, diet, relationships, personal finance, productivity, career, parenting, sleep and more with a simple subscription model. Inside Driim, its members can stream video courses, get personal classes and engage with the community while pursuing their personalized journey for wellbeing. Get ready for high-quality wellbeing content produced with the experienced coaches combined with a vibrant community and a modern platform. With Driim you can start reaching your goals and living your dreams today.


Elstor is designing and promoting a new type of energy battery. It can be used for producing steam and heat while having zero CO2 and particle emissions. Additional benefit is that it produces steam and heat at a cost competitive level, calculated either investment or operating costs level.

Enable Banking

Enable Banking’s mission is to simplify the usage of Open Banking APIs for anyone. For that Enable Banking developed SDK providing access to Open Banking APIs in Europe. Solutions using Enable Banking SDK connect to banks directly without exposing data to third parties. SDK includes libraries for most common development platforms, documentation, and tools. Enable Banking is offering the solution for the Fintech ecosystem, so everyone can build innovations together with banks.


Gyra is an apparel shopping platform which provides a seamless combination of on- and offline shopping to retail stores and their customers. Built on machine learning technologies, Gyra allows real-time interactions between retail stores and their customers through a single platform. By doing so, Gyra aims to improve the overall customer experience while providing useful insights to retail stores. This results in a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, higher revenues, increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.


There is a proven need for modern digital identity platforms. Many of them are hard to adopt and integrate, many of them are centralized and expensive, and finally they assume that all of their customers are willing to lock themselves in with a single vendor and hand over their customers' data to the service provider's hands. HorcruxID is technology that helps developers to set up their own identity (and access) management platform in no time!


Indicator is a social networking service that helps players from all game platforms to share their experiences in games to the world. In Indicator, players build their profile by connecting all their games, profiles and experiences in games, to create one account, Indicator. In the platform, players will be able to find each other and talk about games, developers, and everything else that is happening around games.

The use of AI & ML algorithms in the Healthcare Industry has been proven to provide high value. However the successful validation of AI & ML models in this industry is challenging because of the lack of real patient's labelled data. To tackle this challenge, Inferad is developing partnerships with experts in the industry. aims to provide development service for AI models in the Healthcare industry together with model validation, and data labeling and annotation services.


Lakily aims to make legal services more accessible and affordable by utilizing technology, new distribution channels and legal design. Lakily’s project Muste, "Legal Department as an App for Your Startup", focuses on creating a new distribution channel for startup legal services. Lakily consists of two lawyers, Antti and Dina, as well as the robot lawyer, RePeter.


The goal of Reduse is to reduce food waste in the retail value chain, at source, and sell the remaining to bulk buyers. To achieve this in a seamless and automated manner, Reduse is creating a digital data-sharing platform (blockchain is an approach they are currently validating) that will track unit-level data across all stakeholders, thus providing a realtime picture of what product is at risk of expiring, its provenance and location. Finally, Reduse will enlist a logistics partner to consolidate the produce and deliver it to the buyer.


With Renexe you can build highly customized stock portfolios with unique risk characteristics or  benchmark your current portfolio against different market scenarios. The tool can be used by individuals, consultants or analysts to build portfolios that minimize risk and increase return. Renexe is cloud-based, with an easy to use customizable interface combined with a powerful analytics tool.


SauceSoft is a seven employee technology startup made of the top programmers, designers, and businessmen of their age. Currently we are developing Buugi, which is the only social media platform that combines rewarding users and location-based video content. We offer companies a new and unique way of advertising through location-based campaigns, where users compete against one another for popularity in order to win money.

Making informed engineering design decisions is increasingly difficult because of an ever-accelerating influx of information. develops software tools for knowledge discovery and management in engineering tasks. The tools are based on natural language processing, semantic technologies and graph databases. enables bulk analysis and semantic enrichment of engineering documents such as research reports, scientific articles, and datasheets.


StepOut, a one-stop digital platform offers fitness & recreational activities on the go. The iOS/Android application will provide users with instant access to explore, book/pay for the classes anywhere and any time without having to stick to memberships or long-term subscriptions. On the B-2-B side, this platform is for independent trainers and smaller entities, new trainers and coaches to help organize their classes, assist their sales processes, provide them with marketing, exposure and earning opportunities. StepOut is here with a mission to create convenient learning and earning opportunities and encourage fitness and well-being for all age groups.


StichMe is providing modern day tailoring services to worn clothes. Often repairing clothes can be overlooked as an option because of the high price or because of the burden of finding a tailor that does repairs. StichMe makes the repair of worn clothes simple, cost-effective and easily accessible through its web app and its full logistics solution.


Superhood is a digital platform for cities, people and local businesses to communicate and collaborate, and to make their neighborhoods better places to live in and visit. The Superhood app connects people with neighborhoods, while the API's and tools allow city authorities and local businesses to reach and communicate with the right people in the right areas, and to collect and measure direct feedback from the people.

Tassu Passu

Playful and secure access for kids. Tassu Passu's’ solution is a password made of pictures, connected using a story. It is fun, creative and secure. You can test their demo at by accessing it with your mobile. You will create your Tassu Passu which you will soon be able to use to log in to different websites.


Solving a workplace productivity problem by developing an intelligent solution to help meeting attendees such as employees, interviewers and salespeople without worrying about meeting note taking and handling subsequent tasks. Valscope aims to create a delightful user experience with help of deep learning, natural language processing, speech-to-text, cloud and making integration with conferencing platforms and workflow tools.


Webineyes provides easily accessible online education for Eyecare Professionals. Optometric Experts present virtual courses, saving time, travel and the environment for global participants.

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