Kiuas Start – Meet the Fall 2020 batch

November 2, 2020
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Kiuas team

Even though the current world situation is what it is, almost 80 starting teams applied to our Start program. We selected 18 promising teams to take them to the next level with their idea and help them progress in the distinguished Kiuas way.

Meet the Fall 2020 batch

This fall our program was focused on teams tackling an SDG, and these teams were the ones which captured our attention. Ranging from experienced founders and PhD's to first timers and students, our teams represent a very diverse cross section of founders from very different backgrounds.

More of our teams at

Art From Future

Art From Future is developing the first growth platform to build young artists careers by connecting them with Millenials and Gen-Z. 

The art world was never adapted to new consumer demands. Art From Future’s goal is to make art accessible to a new audience by leveraging digital tools such as Social Media, Machine Learning, the Blockchain technology, and e-commerce to reach, inspire and convert Millenials and Gen-Z into buyers.


Ringit is a social platform for families to connect with each other. Ringit is an application where families can offer and request fun activities from one family to another.


Leazed is a novel leasing solution which brings flexibility and affordability to consumers. Leazed will change the way consumers behave: instead of buying, they pay for the access. While this has been available for cars, it has not been available for our selected product categories. With the help of resale partners Leazed efficiently and sustainably then further sells the used products to new consumers which increases product lifetime. This brings the circular economy and the benefits of it easily available to the consumers.


FinanceKey is an easy-to-implement Open Banking software for corporations. FinanceKey SaaS solution provides multi-bank connectivity and accurate visibility to real-time banking data via a self-service reporting capability. FinanceKey aggregates data from multiple banks into a single-source, enabling cost-effective banking connections and better controls, reducing fraud risk. FinanceKey automates finance employees' routines allowing them to work smarter and do more with less.


FlexTyo is a platform that provides access to unlimited productive physical workspaces globally for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Digital Nomads, Freelancers and Companies with Remote Working Culture, with just one pass.


GoodESG consolidates 3rd party responsibility ratings, rankings, memberships, awards and other signals for companies all around the world. Our platform can be used to analyze how sustainable and responsible companies are, which direction they are going, and to find the most responsible companies to partner and collaborate with.


headlessRobot is an automation-as-a-service platform bringing automation to small and medium companies.


Heideq is developing sustainable equestrian wear and innovating new technologies to replace traditional properties in riding wear. Heideq focuses on delivering functional and comfortable products for equestrian athletes without compromising on style and sustainability.

Jakoa Enterprises Oy

Jakoa is a B2B workforce platform specialized in construction where businesses of all sizes can find and hire subcontractors, self-employed professionals or borrow workers to each other in just a few clicks.

Kyky Today Oy

KyKy Today is a freelancing platform where freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, and hobbyists can market and sell their skills and services in different work categories like home & living, people and life skills, wellness, and well-being. Our success is built upon people's success and transformative growth in every aspect of life – physically, financially, and emotionally. At Kyky Today, we empower people to decide their future, support their working ideas, or reinvent their careers, and offer reliable and fast services to our customers.


Minddive is developing a mobile application “PregMind” for pregnant families. Pregmind is a science-based app focusing on psychological wellbeing during pregnancy, promoting positive parenting and strengthening secure attachment with the baby, already during pregnancy. The contents of PregMind are based on a method developed by the founders in 1998 called the Nyyttiryhmä -intervention, which has been used in the Women’s hospital at the HUS Helsinki University Hospital during the past 20 years.


Modby is a technology company in the energy industry that gathers energy meter data. This metering data is shared with modern protocols to energy producers and energy consumers. Modby is modernizing the energy infrastructure and paves the way for unstable renewable energy production.


Nutrinity is developing a decentralized waste management facility that handle food waste locally and reduce carbon emissions emitted during transportation to a central treatment factories. Using the byproducts of the waste, they produce vegetables and microgreens, all under one roof!

RDX.NET is a Lift and Shift platform for premium web hosting. RDX.NET enables migration of existing applications to Kubernetes without code changes or learning new processes. When an application provides value, generates revenue or just works, it should be honoured as a battle tested solution instead of mere "legacy". RDX.NET provides autoscaling and resilience compatible with customers’ current ways of working.


REMOS is developing a solution for induced rock-stress monitoring. Real-time monitoring of stress changes can help to mitigate risk associated with high-stress concentrations around deep excavations. Not knowing mine’s rock-stress levels can lead to non optimal decisions. Too much margin of safety results in inefficient mining, while not knowing where the risks really are results in an unsafe work environment, risking especially lives, but also mining equipment and infrastructure.


RoboMed creates wireless capsules for endoscopy and real-time biopsy of the human gastrointestinal tract. Patients avoid unnecessary abdomen surgeries and risks of sedation side effects - radiation and anesthesia. Further examinations and pathology of taking samples after Patients avoid unnecessary abdomen surgerybiopsy will rapid diagnosis procedure and minimise the patient risk. An invasive robotic product with live streaming and real-time biopsy needles will empower the specialist knowledge in the gastroenterology and gastro-endoscopy.


We all live in bubbles. We also design products and build strategies, recruit and award people and create websites and marketing campaigns in bubbles. SPLAAZ IT! helps bursting the bubbles around teams and companies that are trapped. By connecting companies with experts and the "normal" people, the SPLAAZ IT! platform offers a new point of view and the best way to obtain diversity and inclusivity as a service.


Volymi aims to help paralysed wheelchair users to gain back their independence by developing novel smart wearables. Volymi is developing a non-intrusive urinary catheter monitor that allows the users to keep track of their catheter bag volume for the first time. Previously, the users would have to worry about the bag over-filling and the serious health risks that come with it. Now the user can remain well hydrated and healthy while receiving information about the volume of their catheter bag.

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