Kiuas Start – Meet the Fall 2019 batch

October 29, 2019
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Kiuas team

Last Saturday, we kicked off the third and the last program of the year: Kiuas Start Fall 19.  This time we chose 18 teams among 88 applicants to take part in the program.


BeGo offers predictive maintenance solution for small and medium sized businesses. We have developed a generic E2E vibration analysis bundle that reads vibration data and analyses it giving insights of machinery health 24/7 in real time. Our solution is very easy to install, maintain and doesn't require any additional development before you can use it. Customers receive their machinery health status in weekly/monthly reporting forms, helping to reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs.


DroppX is a last-mile on-demand delivery platform for groceries, pharmacy, fashion and much more, delivering from local stores to customers within minutes.
Businesses and individuals can also enjoy our hyperlocal peer to peer delivery services. E-commerce and Logistics solved.


Eatmoi is an app, which connects small scale food production (i.e. bakers), food market & specialized dry & fresh food retailers with their consumers. For consumers, we provide a one-stop-shop making accessible unique fresh products at the convenience of ordering them home. For merchants, we provide an effective distribution & marketing channel as well as logistical solutions helping them to improve sales. In a nutshell, we bring convenience and efficiency without losing authenticity.

Kamu Collective

Kamupak is a package deposit scheme with a purpose of replacing wasteful non-reusable take-away packaging with more sustainable reusable alternative. The business model is based on the volumes of package reuse. The main parts of the service include: providing the reusable packages, pick-up and return points, storage management for the customer and Kamupak's purposes, deposit system, cleaning of the packages and running the logistics.


Localoca is a last-minute mobile marketplace for local events and experiences. The location-based application lets users explore their surroundings for things they want to do in the moment and seamlessly buy tickets in-app. The Localoca marketplace works as an effective final sales push and communication channel for event organizers and ticket agencies, while at the same time, pleases the younger generations and their growing demand for spontaneous adventures.


Regulated secondary marketplace for all types of digital assets, incl. securities. NordXE is building a token agnostic platform where direct trading between different asset classes is possible. NordXE will be concentrating heavily on ensuring compliance in all aspects or the exchange, including KYC, AML but also introducing the surveillance tools which are used by traditional exchanges to prevent market manipulation. 

Northern Grips

Every winter, thousands of people are severely injured due to slip & fall accidents on icy and snowy grounds. Only a few people use the existing solutions, such as add-on metal cleats, because they are inconvenient and affect the user's style which is an issue for most city people. Northern Grips is developing a convenient and fashionable winter-grip solution to prevent slip & fall during the winter.

Phantom Keyboard

Phantom Keyboard is diminishing the gap between human machine interaction by solving the next generation text input problem. We are creating a wrist-worn device which detects which finger user moved. From this finger data we can generate the words the user is writing.


RE-LaaS eases up commercial property leasing processes by providing data-driven insights for property owners. They aim to use technology to find the best tenants for different spaces, and through this knowledge also serve our customer in other ways, for example to identify possible investment properties. Real estate leads and insight can be generated automatically which will greatly speed up leasing and real estate investment processes. The solution can be scaled and expanded by using more automated processes, databases and by calibrating our algorithms.


Refereed is a revolutionary peer review platform aiming to simplify and accelerate the process of scientific publications. We offer scientific community a handy, smooth and sustainable infrastructure for publishing: collaborative manuscript writing and editing, the interactive community-driven peer review process, rewards for referees and editors for their job, open-access publishing on the platform.


Most enterprise software is too complicated, the naive solution is to buy new software. For big companies replacing a single piece of software is often a risky multiyear effort, leading to a risk averse strategy of not replacing anything that works. Remro is a platform that allow companies to modernize and automate the systems that are too risky or expensive to replace. Remro let's you build a new AI enabled app with only the features you need, that can talk to multiple existing systems with minimal risk. is an automation for day-to-day talent acquisition tasks. We enable recruiters to find the best talent fast and focus on what matters - great candidate experience. Modern recruitment involves a multitude of tools and hours of manual work: from defining sourcing and screening criteria to building and running boolean queries, scraping data and contacting prospects. Roborob takes care of everything that happens before the first human interaction in headhunting to save your day!


The need to create and publish accurate, meaningful and on time content for a growing number of purposes is rising exponentially for every business. Scoopify is a unique platform that flexibly combines content production professionals with media companies needing superb content to publish and all businesses struggling with their content production needs.


Trainda is building online training & coaching platform as a cloud service. Current focus is on wellbeing and fitness coaching. Cornerstone of the platform is improved communication between trainees and trainers, giving personal feeling for trainees in scale.

Urban Cycles

For busy commuters who need to freely get around the city, Urban Cycles offers an electric bicycle that makes cycling stress-free, fast and classy. Unlike other e-bike brands, we emphasize that an e-bike should be indistinguishable from a regular bicycle in terms of weight, design, simplicity, and the price.

Urban Roots

Urban Roots is a technology company developing new vertical hydroponic farming solutions for large scale indoor farming. Our mission is to cut down costs and environmental impacts of farming while improving the quality of products on the market. We will transform the way food is produced and shipped by bringing the production next to the consumers.


Vertical allows remote teammates to exchange video messages, organized in channels and threads. We help teammates be heard, seen and understood, resulting in a happier, more connected, and more productive team. Send video messages to brainstorm or pitch ideas, give feedback, motivate your team or share silly moments. Enjoy the benefits of video, without the drawbacks of realtime video calls.


WebSafe is a service that protects your website from malicious bots. It prevents content, data theft and prevents other attacks like DDos etc. We are developing software that once installed on client server will protect his infrastructure from malicious bots. Such bots will not be able to access customer site, steal content, take over account or exploit in any other way.

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