Kiuas Start - 20 teams, 3 intensive weeks

October 19, 2018
Written by 
Melissa Hahl

The application period for the first round of Kiuas Start ever ended 30 September. In total, Kiuas Start received 73 applications. 36 teams were invited to interviews, and from those teams, 20 were selected for the program. This blog posts introduces our batch of awesome early-stage startups that will be joining the program for 3 intensive weeks of mentoring, workshops, Founders Talks and peer-to-peer sessions, starting 27 October.


Articoola is an interactive museum guide solution that changes the way how visitors experience museums. In our app using VR famous painters explain in a supportive way to a client with depression what helped them to create the masterpieces. How they struggled and coped with problems during hard times. Get new resources by self-discovery with Articoola. Broaden personal horizons and join never-ending artistic exploration!


Avains is building a platform for creating augmented reality work instructions and training material for industrial use cases. The user-friendly AR instructions created on the platform help service personnel to reduce errors, increase safety and maintain high service quality.

Beyond Logistic

Beyond Logistic is embarking on the challenge of disrupting logistics’ sector by allowing every single individual with a smart phone and a transportation vehicle to become a courier.


Bikefy is a monthly electric folding bikes subscription. By providing electric folding bikes as a service we augment public transport and solve the last mile issue in commuting. The monthly fee includes the bike, a lock as well as all service and maintenance.


Breezly plans to be the number one community marketplace for high-end bicycles rental between bike owners, bikeshops and leisure riders, tourists and anyone interested in spending their precious free time on two wheels. Our mission is to make high-end bicycles accessible for everyone and expand the perception of cycling from a mere transport mode to a healthy, enjoyable and social activity. is a tool for journalists and news media companies to automatically find newsworthy content from bulletins and press releases.

Language Lab

Language Lab is building an app that seeks to make language learning both easier and faster through prioritization, advanced learning techniques and design.


Mediagavel is the IMDb for news publishers and articles. The place where you start your news reading journey.


MentorMatch is a mentoring programme management platform that automatically helps you to match mentors and people / entities that seek mentoring.


MTBreitti makes training indoors more motivating and fun with their VR mountain biking platform. Now you can ride real mountain biking competitions and the best trails without leaving the gym (spinning) or home (bike trainer). You only need a smart device and an internet connection!


mysure is offering personalised insurance solutions connected to online sold products or services.

NIC — No Internet Connection

NIC SDK allows mobile apps to exchange data without internet connection. It is a tool for Android developers and works via SMS under the hood, however, the user does not have to type or read any text as our SDK handles everything and allows the user to use just the app they use when they have internet connection.

Pocket Relo

Pocket Relo is a personal relocation consultant in your mobile device. Pocket Relo guides the user in coming to Finland from immigration to finding housing, and other practical matters. Pocket Relo will answer even the questions you didn’t think to ask 24/7 at your convenience.


Point-Particle creates interactive experiences using digital holograms.


Rooted is bringing greater transparency, traceability, and efficiency to supply chains in the food industry. We are combining years of experience and cutting edge technology to satisfy customers and improve your bottom line.


Sideflow is advancing circular economy within textile and fashion industry. We are creating a service that retrieves cutting waste in textile production and channels it to new productions. It is a practical CR tool that reduces waste and creates value.


Skillgrower is the most advanced online self-learn solution for math & science. Skillgrower uses algorithms and gamification to ensure high motivation and efficiency while tailoring a personal studying experience for everyone.


Reinveting the way dogs eat. Snäck aims to reshape the ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, and overall experience of nurturing your dog with a bold Nordic attitude. Less waste, less hassle, pure love.


If you have a camera you don’t use, give it to Vakaamo and we will rent it to people who need it and give you money without extra effort.


VALO creates innovative lighting solutions for photography and video productions.

We’re excited to finally kick off the program in a week from now!

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