Kiuas fights back

March 31, 2020
Written by 
Mari Liukkonen

The current situation has made startups face new fears and adapt to a new way of working. For us, this means changes too. However, we are super grateful that we’re able to organize everything, but just in a bit different way.

We want to be here for the startups – also through the tough times.

Adapting the new way of working

Looking back, organizing a virtual program doesn’t feel that weird after all. Making some parts of the program virtual was one of our ideas when we were brainstorming the upcoming year last fall. Back then, it didn’t feel to fit the situation, but as we all know, circumstances change fast.

Just two days before kicking off Kiuas Start S20 we found ourselves wondering what we should do. One thing was for sure: canceling the program wasn’t an option. So far, the past few weeks have been great: we have a killer batch, old and new coaches are helping the teams just like before, and our Slack channels are more active than ever.

All of our sessions have been organized through video calls and guess what? It’s been smooth. Turns out, webinars don’t have to be boring lectures: we have noticed it’s fairly easy to make them interactive without fancy or complicated tools.

Bring it on, summer

Despite the unfortunate situation, Kiuas Accelerator will take place in the summer 2020 either virtually or in the traditional way. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the regulations from the government and will make the decisions based on that.

What does this mean for the teams applying to Kiuas Accelerator 2020?

The content won’t be any different: talks, workshops, mentoring, and other sessions will take place on a weekly basis.

In case the situation would not ease up, all sessions continue to be interactive: 1-on-1 mentorings and group weeklies would be organized via Zoom & Google Hangouts meetings and talks, workshops, and roundtables via interactive Zoom webinars.

All perks remain unchanged: including e.g. Kiuas Toolbox, access to a working space (once opened), coach network, and the Kiuas alumni community.

The application period will open on April 14!

A rising tide lifts all boats

We believe that during times like these, programs like Kiuas are needed more than ever to give concrete help and tools for people brave enough to start new ventures.

Even though the future seems unknown, it’s more important than ever to remember that every cloud has a silver lining: some of the top companies in the US such as Apple and Microsoft were started during a recession. Only time will show what the future holds, but this is definitely not the time to give up.

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