Kiuas Accelerator - Is it worth your time?

May 8, 2020
Written by 
Patrik Holopainen

Hey Founder! We've talked before about why you should apply to Kiuas Accelerator and how to get accepted - but is Kiuas Accelerator for you?

Does it take too much time?

By default accelerator programs tend to be extremely time-consuming. They might almost be like a second full-time job, but we know that as a founder you certainly don't have excess time on your hands. That is why Kiuas Accelerator is super time-efficient.

Weekly program, not including optional activities.

Our common weekly program consist of only the most essential sessions on topics like customers & product, operations & team, as well as growth & expansion. Furthermore, there will be tailored coaching on a weekly basis to support startups on additional areas where they need help.

Should our whole team attend the sessions?

It's not required, but sometimes recommended. Based on the topic of the session, you can decide with your team who takes part in what. Additionally, you will save a lot of time in commuting as we are going entirely virtual this summer.

Do we really need this program?

Depends on your exact situation – however, after our last year's program, every single participant stated that they would not have achieved the same stage without the program.

One additional thing we want to highlight is that the Accelerator program is just one part of Kiuas. You will also get access to Kiuas Toolbox and most importantly become a Kiuas Community member for life. That means a network of hundreds of other founders who have taken the same steps towards entrepreneurship - and you can't put a price on that.

You can find more info about Kiuas Accelerator here!

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