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July 1, 2021
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Kiuas team


360Mediahouse develops a cloud based VR360-content system 360Mediaplayer with the mission of making Virtual Reality media a part of everyday life. The system enables content creators to upload, assemble and present their own virtual reality content. The process of editing and publishing VR has never been as easy, as the tools have been designed for everyone to use.


Algonomi is a clean biotech startup from Finland, based on the team’s deep microalgae expertise. Its concept is to produce highly bioactive and healthy ingredients from microalgae, at first for the food industry, the cosmetics/personal care industry and the textile industry (pigments). The concept also involves the capture and re-use of CO2 from industrial partners. In our environmental impact we help to make manufacturing more sustainable, to reduce overfishing, and generally, to help make consumption to not consume the earth.

Anarky Labs

Anarky Labs is offering a solution combining Augmented Reality & Drones called AirHUD. It is a game changing control platform offering a new way to show vital information for professional drone pilots. A great new solution to increase operations efficiency and situational awareness while never losing sight of the drone! Early access program is ongoing, and members already include clients like Microsoft, Shell and Kiewit, among others. Anarky Labs is starting by helping drone operators but will be heading for all intelligent vehicles of the future.


Brim sees great potential in the half a trillion dollars that brands annually spend globally on online ads, 80% of which go completely unnoticed. What if even a small percentage of this money would go to funding those who fight every day to make positive change? Brim strives to create a platform with open dialogue between brands and conscious consumers that helps brands transform their positioning and fund impact initiatives – a win-win-win equation where brands and consumers and NGOs co-create a better world together.

Clean Sea Solutions

Clean Sea Solutions AS is a Norwegian Impact StartUp founded on the idea of developing commercially and environmentally sustainable tech solutions to clean up marine plastic waste close to shore in a limited areas with large quantities of marine plastic, utilizing recourses for maximum impact and thereby contributing to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for the world's oceans.


CompliancePal startup enables software medical device manufacturers to perform compliance activities at the speed of the development team. Our aim is to augment the manufacturer’s continuous engineering practices with change management workflows that handle traceability, software architecture and 3rd party software dependencies.


Consenz is on the mission to dramatically reduce the number of lives lost in traffic by using technology and connectivity to empower car drivers worldwide. The first step is to provide an appealing, connected and fully voice assisted Head-up Display that can be retrofitted into any car. Over time the open platform for co-innovation and a collaborative driver community becomes a coital part of a mobility ecosystem, with focus on the developing world.

EAS Project

EAS Project has developed a VAT and customs compliance automation for e-commerce actors. The VAT solution calculates the full landed cost according to a number of details while taking into account the applicable VAT OSS schemes, domestic sales or B2B. The customs data is managed by a blockchain solution built in co-operation with Universal Postal Union.


Feelbie enables fitness & wellness coaches to earn recurring income by providing a platform where coaches can offer subscription on-demand content and live classes to their clients. The platform includes easy-to-use tools and services for coaches to scale their business online.


Flox is a Swedish tech company helping farmers and landowners world-wide to protect their fields using custom machine vision and adaptive ultrasounds mounted on autonomous drones. Their mission is to reduce the human–wildlife conflict by offering a new way to coexist with wildlife and prevent food waste at the same time. They are the first company of their kind mitigating damages to crops caused by large wild animals such as wild boars, deer and geese - which is today the main cause of profit loss in agriculture.


Greenele is specialized in electric vehicle charging solutions for housing companies.

Jakoa Enterprises Oy

The tech company behind, the #1 way to hire builders. Our end-to-end platform aims to be the safest and easiest service in the market and it can be used by consumers, housing managers and construction companies. Jakoa has participated in F20 and AX21.


LINKAI Technologies

As a Stockholm-based start-up, LinkAI is developing B2B privacy-preserving data-centric edge AI solutions to inspection, testing, learning and improving critical systems to empower smart manufacturing and sustainable utilities in Sweden and the Nordics. We help our (enterprise) customers reduce human inspection labor costs, minimize data consumption, time and manual labeling in the machine learning life cycle, improve result accuracy and yield, define and implement viable AI strategies while guaranteeing privacy, access and information security of sensitive data under the hood. Currently, our top-line offerings are three-folded:1) Privacy-preserving highly accurate edge AI-driven domain-specific vision inspection solutions for better quality control, less data consumption and shorter life cycle of machine learning and, 2) A proprietary light-weight fast and robust AI solution to reducing 50%+ data and energy consumption for AI systems improvement in adaptation to the changing conditions and, 3) A microservice-based platform that manages, improves and coordinates AI-driven applications to support either an on-premise or a PaaS or a SaaS deployment.

Manna Insect

Manna Insect develops solutions to upcycle wasted produce from agriculture to high quality animal feed and fertilizer


MARDA is a modern men’s swimwear brand obsessed with creating a better world by using plastic from our oceans and landfills to make premium swim shorts that are made to last. Our philosophy finds the harmony between plastic and design to create highly sustainable swim trunks bought to life with the best in Japanese fabric technology. Tthe driving force behind marda is simple. to design swimwear for men by unifying exclusive forward designs with a highly green focus. Buying a marda product is about joining lifestyle that cares our future. every production step from sourcing recycled materials to the design aesthetic right through fabric innovation enriched by creative touch and profound love for earth.


Medified develops Data-driven Mental Health with Dynamic Treatment Monitoring SaaS

Meili Robots

Meili Robots offers a universal fleet management system (FMS) for mobile robots – Meili FMS. It enables operators to collate their fleet onto one platform, helps bridge the communication gap between different types and brands of robots. As a result, our solution allows robots to seamlessly operate collectively rather than individually.

Meili FMS is a “plug-and-play” solution, built to be adaptable to the current systems, such as warehouse management systems (WMS), used by the robot operators. It is designed to eliminate interoperability pain points between different robot brands used at the same location, while also opening up another level of automation.

At the same time, by having an overview of the whole fleet, robot management becomes much more effective. Our solution empowers businesses to diversify and scale their mobile robot fleet while accelerating ROI and improving sustainability records.

MistEO Private Limited

MistEO is a computational sustainability company focussing on providing parametric risk transfer and financial mitigation solutions to governments and private enterprises to overcome cost of climate exigencies.


Overly is an augmented reality platform that allows anyone to create their own experiences without any technical knowledge.

Poss Balance

With an unprecedented growth in renewable energy production, the need for clarity is undeniable: What size solar PV system should I install? Why hasn’t my electricity bill changed since installing solar panels? Poss Balance is on a mission to provide consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to maximize their return on renewable energy investments. Poss Balance is developing a two-stage SaaS-product that will enable property owners to evaluate and optimize the efficiency of their renewable energy production system before and during the lifetime of the investment.

Prönö Enterprises

Prönö is the platform for helping others, receiving support and finding people to work with. Created to help you to be more focused on your work and find more meaningful business relationships. We are enabling a new business culture that is built on values and trust.

Rå Hygge

Rå Hygge is the lowest acid mushroom coffee in the world, combining craft roasted organic Peruvian coffee from small farmer co-operatives with organic mushroom extract. These medicinal mushroom extracts balance the effect of the caffeine in the body for a prolonged energy and balanced boost. They are real superfoods and in addition to their adaptogen properties (the balancing part) they all add different functions, e.g. focus (lion's mane), more balance (reishi), immunity boost (chaga) and beauty (tremella and maitake). These mushrooms do not compromise on the taste but adds to them together with a well-balanced roasting profile which matches the mushroom flavours. Neither the environment nor the people who farm the coffee are compromised. A healthier option for the most coffee drinking region in the world for more hygge and happiness.


SecondTie Oy provides a mobile platform with which companies can have pay phone services for both audio and video calls. The platform is designed for selling and buying short-scale consulting with a low threshold; for example veterinary services, law consulting, product support and alike. Companies are presented under their own brands and can use their own channels to market and deploy the solution. The platform handles all money traffic and receipts.


TeamFluent provides a research based, easy-to-use mobile tool for improving teamwork skills together in real-life situations at workplaces. The TeamFluent app increases team performance and psychological safety by driving better collaboration and communication.

The Adjacent Possible

The Adjacent Possible is an Open Innovation Studio with a focus on R&D and Intellectual Property. Their mission is to develop and commercialize a method that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accelerate cross-industry discovery and innovation in a serial way. Founded in Helsinki, the company is a ‘born global’ that is currently engaged in innovation projects on four different continents. Their vision is to systematically interconnect companies, research centers, and innovation ecosystems around the world. They collect also unique longitudinal data that will enhance the understanding of Open Innovation, Intellectual Property Management, and R&D Globalization.

Uute Scientific

Uute Scientific is developing patent pending Reconnecting Nature(TM) microbe extract to boost immune system for both humans and domestic animals to be used as an ingredient in consumer goods.

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