Kiuas Accelerator Fall 2023 batch (selected from the Pre-Accelerator Bootcamp) IS HERE!

September 11, 2023
Written by 
Kiuas team

We are happy to present the 19 new startups that are participating in the Kiuas Accelerator this fall. 

At Kiuas, we carefully select teams that we believe can succeed. There are thousands of stories behind every startup, with each being a stepping stone to something more. The joy of getting your first customer, the disappointment of realizing an idea might not work, or the excitement of discovering an even a bigger opportunity.

Having a good business idea is great, but it is not enough to succeed. When being too much in love with your business idea, you are playing a dangerous game. We support our founders and startups in idea validation and pivot, and to help them grow fast, we need them to be open-minded, and thus listen,reflect and adjust. A new business idea should balance between testing and feedback even in the market so you can collect any feedback from consumers and adjust your product to the best possible concept. The importance of being able to pivot is needed greatly when creating a business and significant in the role of perfecting your business idea.

And that´s why, this time, we decided to do things different! When selecting the teams, we did not focus our attention as much on the business idea itself, but more on the founders. If you want to read more about the selection process of our teams this year, head on over to here: 

So, what are the new startups like? Here are the 19 companies that we are going to work with for the next 10 weeks and beyond:


Aeropush provides an innovative, whole new way of extracting drinks when at the pop up coffee cart couldn´t deliver French press coffee for busy customers fast enough due to too long extraction time and difficulties for a proper cleaning. 


BAAS- building as a service. BAAS develops a innovative construction system that will minimize co2 emmisions throughout buildings life cycle. BAAS buildings support circularity as all the details can be changed individually.


Bravori Music App supports teachers, students and parents in music instrumental lessons. The app makes practicing a fun, engaging and rewarding experience for students, provides learning analytics for music teachers to communicate and teach 10 times better with their students.


AI Coaching and improvement platform for competitive multiplayer video games. Our first product will be a web application for League of Legends.


Coreport is a SaaS platform designed to simplify the process of ESG data collection from the value chain. By using tailored forms, we make it easy to request the precise data you need.

Kiki's Home Box

Kiki's Home Box sells home essentials to people moving into Finland in pre-made kits that can be ordered from our webstore and delivered on the day that they arrive.

Language Clubhouse

Language Clubhouse is a solution for young children to learn English as a second language, interact with peers, and gain international exposure no matter their background or where they live. Language Clubhouse helps teachers and parents support early English as a second language learning through playful, creative and interactive lessons from our certified online program.


DevOpBox is a platform for easy management of IT infrastructure in cloud or on-premise. The primary focus is on environment branches - automated creation of environments either by branch or manually. is an AI-powered tool that gathers real-time data from Nordic-Baltic sources, and provides tailored insights, enabling efficient lead generation and informed decision-making.


Orijin provides data management systems for agri businesses within smallholder farmer based supply chains in developing countries that help them meet data requirements, optimize production and allow 3rd parties such as finance companies, to supply services to the farmers at reduced cost and risk.


Valuespace Technologies provides a marketplace app that brings together landlords, who want to earn extra income by renting out their unused parking and/or storage space with customers seeking affordable and safe parking/storage space.


Pawple is a community platform for pet owners and enthusiasts to share support among peers.


Rendoor Oy is a peer-to-peer rental platform for outdoor equipment.


Salma is a marketplace for discovering, booking and paying artists.


Smartsecure is a centralised network security system that can be set up within seconds to provide unmatched real-time protection to all connected devices in the network.


Somabrain is the ultimate personalized AI coach & mentor for Aspirational Achievers. Somabrain's app is the ideal solution for individuals and businesses seeking measurable improvements in overall wellness and performance.


A global secondhand search platform that allows users to search and browse through multiple secondhand platforms at once. Making buying secondhand as easy as buying new.


Tributary provides a decentralized registry and payment system to enable permissionless collaboration with fair compensation for all contributors.


Vext is developing an indoor smart garden, that enables anyone to grow lots of tasty and healthy greens, effortlessly at home.

We are more than excited to work with these outstanding and ambitious teams for the next 10 weeks and will be sharing some updates on the way. Stay tuned!

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