Kiuas Accelerator Fall 2022 - Why is it the best choice for any founder this Fall?

June 28, 2022
Written by 
Kiuas team

Kiuas Accelerator - the program designed to help great founders build world-changing companies is back. Why is Kiuas Accelerator the best choice for any founder this Fall?

It’s fully customized to your needs

You should spend your time only on the things that move the needle for your company. This is why we’ve adopted a flexible framework for founders to go through the program. Every week we sit down with you to map out your problem areas and then we use our network to find the right people to help you crush them. This allows you to speed up your development, promotes accountability for your team to achieve goals faster, as well as gives you room to pivot and test.

In order to ensure that the learning content is tailored to each teams specific needs we’ve gone as far as to schedule all  sessions only once we select and get to know the teams.

A network like no other

By joining Kiuas Accelerator our network becomes your network. That means direct access to some of the best serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors in the Nordics. Through Kiuas our alumni teams have found first customers, life-changing partnerships, employees and co-founders.  Our help does not end when the program ends, we continue to help make introductions when ever you need them.

It’s a community of founders looking to guide you forward

Think of it as a metaphorical campfire where the founders who came before you gather around to share their battles and victories to help you avoid the pitfalls they’ve gone through. During the program, we arrange a series of Q&A sessions with seasoned builders to fast-track your progress.

Aside from motivation and learning, you can utilize the community Slack 24/7. It is a pretty unique thing to have hundreds of company builders like yourself sharing contract templates, best practices and answering questions ranging anywhere from paperwork to building a world-class brand.

We’ve helped close to 300 startups that have since raised over 200M in funding. The program has a 100% recommendation rate from past participants.

Applications are open until 18.7.2022. Apply with a pitch deck in 2 minutes through here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions for us or want to meet our alumni founders, we are inviting everyone to join us at Startup Sauna 13.7.2022 for a Kiuas Open House BBQ. Sign up for the event here.

If you can’t make it to Startup Sauna you can join our virtual Q&A by signing up here.

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