Kiuas Accelerator Fall 2022 Startups - Helping innovative entrepreneurs to solve major problems that the world is facing

September 5, 2022
Written by 
Kiuas team

We are excited to present the 18 new startups that are participating in our Accelerator Program this fall. We have been delighted to see that despite the current economical outlook is on the grim side, creative and passionate entrepreneurs continue to set up their goals high. There seems to be a common perception that there is always demand for great ideas and ways to do things better.

The current world situation reflects in the companies that applied to the Kiuas Accelerator program. Entrepreneurs are working on solutions for topical social and environmental problems. For example, one company is working to balance the electrical grid, while some after experiencing mental health problems firsthand during the pandemic are on a mission to provide solutions like improved access to therapy or to make it easier to help others. That is wonderful as often the best companies come alive when founders work to solve problems that they experience in their own life.

Here are the 18 companies participating in the Kiuas Accelerator Fall 2022 program:

Aarre App

Aarre App is your digital concierge, both at home and on the road. Aarre combines actors in tourism and leisure into one ecosystem that diversifies tourism and promotes sustainable development.

Commu App

Commu is a platform of helping. Not another freelance -platform, Commu brings individuals, companies and nonprofits together to ask for help and to help one another, forming strong communities and reducing modern social cancers such as loneliness and burnout.


EuronPay is making charging electric vehicles easy with a blockchain-based charging payment system that works with a single RFID tag on all charging stations.


Exaum aims to provide balance for the electric grid by addressing instabilities with an industrially integrated smart operation system that optimizes system profits.

Hugs and Words

Hugs and Words is a one-stop app that helps with the practical and emotional process of bereavement with support and tailored guides.


SME funding is about to be revolutionized by Ignium that’s enabling consumer-brands to tap into their fans for funding through a platform where they can design, mint and manage NFTs.


Kielo Relief is working to solve menstrual pain without medication. Their solution offers an easy, cheap, safe, and effective way to relieve menstrual pain anywhere without hassle.

My Inner Monologue

My Inner Monologue is a part of the mental well-being ecosystem. It’s a next-generation self-reflection & therapy assistance tool that provides users insights into emotions and thought patterns.

Olo (Nature Solutions)

As knowledge workers lives are becoming day by day more stressful it leads to handful of problems. Olo is working to solve that with an app that enables to build resilience with experience driven training of attention & recovery.


OpenQuote makes finding and managing tradespeople faster and more efficient by empowering users to easily create detailed job descriptions that match the right supplier, without the hassle of having to arrange site visits and quotations beforehand.


Otto is an insight and idea development platform that enhances innovation processes by making thinking, sense-making, and development processes more efficient, impactful and fun.


Ouna offers home decor and appliance lifestyle brands a platform for “product-as-a-service” business model that offers consumers an alternative for owning these items.


Knowledge workers need to, well, know things. Parade helps by making it easy and fun to remember what you've learned in your job, laying a foundation for fruitful collaboration and genuine expertise.


Projectspace. is a purpose-built platform that enables enterprises to manage and streamline project and transaction processes along with building data capabilities.


The knowledge and treatments for women and other people with vulvas are inadequate and fragmented. Sisko, a 100% women-founded and -led company, solves the problem by being a one-stop-shop for holistic healthcare and wellbeing services for all stages of life.

Vista Health

Vista Health is working to fix addiction treatment by making it more accessible and efficient with a systematic addiction care platform that enhances the treatment process.


Woamy addresses the plastic problem with a scalable bio-based foam material that is an alternative full of benefits for replacing oil-based foams.


Wudpecker supports sales teams to improve their sales calls with an AI-based tool that measures customer engagement and helps to understand what excites them.

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