Joining Kiuas Community - one more reason to apply or the best reason to apply?

July 12, 2022
Written by 
Mari Lahti

Kiuas is well known for its world-class coaching delivered by our extensive network of 150+ top entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts from around the world. Other appealing factors are the warm introductions to a network of investors as well as the $350k worth of tools to build your startup.

While all these things are great, the one thing that really sets Kiuas apart is our alumni community consisting of 500+ founders. As one of our alumni recently described, “Kiuas community coming together makes you feel like you have all these people around you and these nice benefits of working in a bigger company, even if it’s just you and your co-founders working on your startup.”

But how exactly are we harnessing our community as well as other communities for the benefit of the founders?

Kiuas alumni mentors offering their support to the new founders

Besides having a massive pool of top coaches and investor connections, we are bringing in our alumni to mentor the startups during the upcoming 2022 fall accelerator program. Getting advice from top industry experts and investors is great, but we also want to provide the Kiuas startups mentoring from founders who have quite recently walked the walk.

As a newly baked founder times can get tough sometimes. Our alumni have gone through the same exact journey that the new founders are about to take. We believe that having a designated Kiuas alumnus who founders can talk to on a regular basis throughout the program will make the journey easier.

Online Slack community of over 500 Kiuas founders

At the beginning of the program, you get added to a Slack community where you get access to everything that has ever been shared within the community over the years. From the Kiuas Slack you’ll find resources all the way from shareholder agreement and cap table templates to shared best practices on hiring, funding, and much more. Kiuas team is also actively sharing resources and informing the whole community about various opportunities through Slack.

If you are unable to find information you are looking for or you are just thinking about how other founders have been solving problems before, the other Kiuas founders are always willing to help.

Community events during and after the program

The 10-week program is filled with different community events happening both online and offline. No matter where you are we aim to offer the same experience and opportunities to all of the teams. We do our best to facilitate founder-to-founder interaction not only within the program batch but also by inviting our alumni founders to join as many events as possible.

One of the concrete concepts we are initiating for the 2022 fall program is weekly community breakfast events for past and present Kiuas founders. These events will include relevant speakers, networking and will be held in a way that founders can also participate remotely. We believe that bringing founders regularly together over food or virtual coffee can suddenly yield great discoveries and founder to founder learnings.

And of course, as we have done in the past, we will also provide some nice Kiuas afterwork opportunities for those who would like to get together and enjoy a beer or two with other founders.

Community help continues long after the program

We know that the need for quality introductions and opportunities doesn’t end when the program does. That’s why we continuously share investor opportunities to the whole community throughout the year. Kiuas startups also get exclusively invited to many European and Nordic pitching events through our network of accelerators, hubs and other community friends all around Europe.

Aside from other opportunities we want to make sure that the founder to founder learning continues also after the program. This is why we keep bringing the founders together regularly offline and online even after the programs have ended.

Kiuas truly has one of the most unique founders’ communities

…and we at Kiuas are super committed to developing it even further by always listening to the needs of our alumni.

Take your startup to the next level by applying before the 18th of July through here:

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