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January 5, 2022
Written by 
Kiuas team
You know the deal: To the moon! 🚀

Kiuas Accelerator will be organized again this spring bigger and more international than ever. During the past years, not only our alumni startups but also the whole program has developed and grown up to never before seen sizes.

It’s pretty safe to say that Kiuas Accelerator is now bigger and better than it has ever been: the alumni companies have in total raised over 80M€ and we have over 100 professionals in our coach pool, new perks in Kiuas Toolbox, and a strong community of over 250 alumni startups.

This year our focus is on sustainability, growth and scaling. Our aim at Kiuas is to make our teams grow internationally as fast a possible. Our coaches come from all over the world, and their combined experience in super-fast growing markets will be put to use.

Our programs have received exemplar feedback, and today the average rating of them is 9.6/10. 100% of our participants would recommend Kiuas programs to a friend.

This year we've decided to open our program globally. That means, that no matter where or who you are, your startup can be accepted to our Accelerator S21. Let us and our invaluable network help you on your journey of taking over the world.

"I’ve gone through three accelerator programs, and Kiuas was by far the best organized, toughest and most rewarding"

So, what are we looking for from the applicants?

You’re serious about your startup. You're committed on putting time to it, you might have already hired some people, and you're eager to pour resources into it for it to grow and scale.

You should already have a running company. You have developed an MVP or a prototype of some sort and feel that topics like product-market-fit, sales, and growth are relevant for you.

Above all, we value the ambition to execute. Your startup doesn’t have to be perfectly up and running yet, but you should be ready to put in the hours, learn fast, and go all out during the program. You need to have the vision of growing your startup and changing the world with it.

"Being accepted onto the Kiuas Accelerator is a privilege for any startup – especially those trying to ensure product-market fit."

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it.

Do you think you got what it takes? Apply to Kiuas Accelerator by January 28th and take your startup to level it deserves.
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