"Founders’ wellbeing is a crucial element of startup success” – Hintsa Performance joins Kiuas as the Wellbeing Partner

March 12, 2021
Written by 
Kate Kondrunina

We are excited to announce that Hintsa Performance joined Kiuas as the "Wellbeing Partner".

Hintsa Performance is a world leader in human high-performance coaching. For over 20 years, they have repeatedly proven their science-based coaching methods in the world's most competitive environments – from Formula 1 to Fortune 500, and beyond. Hintsa Performance has been recognized as a thought leader in their field by the World Economic Forum.

With Hintsa's holistic approach, the partnership aims to encourage founders' wellbeing as an integral part of startup growth strategy, helping Kiuas teams achieve sustainable high performance.

At Kiuas, we want to support businesses via supporting people and, as an accelerator, see our important role in promoting founder's wellbeing as a crucial element of startup success. 

”Mental health challenges are a serious issue among startup founders. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to prioritise yourself. Our approach is based on the idea that being well, looking after yourself, is a prerequisite for sustainable high performance. We look forward to collaborating with Kiuas and taking our learnings to startups”, says Annastiina Hintsa, CEO of Hintsa Performance and one of Kiuas Coaches.

We believe to not only unlock new startup potential and foster innovation jointly with Hintsa Performance, but make a positive macro impact as high-performing entrepreneurs account for economic growth and job creations.

We've recently noticed that founders are becoming more aware of the importance of their wellbeing. However, there is still an alarming statistics on the founders compromising their health and wellbeing as a part of the startup journey. According to KPMG, startup founders are not prioritizing their physical and mental wellbeing with only 1 in 5 founders being satisfied with their mental well being and stress levels, even though their personal performance is a major determining factor for the success of a startup.

According to a study by Michael Freeman, entrepreneurs may already be prone to mental health conditions more than the general population with self-reported mental health concerns being present across 72% of the entrepreneurs in the study sample, a proportion that was significantly higher than that of the comparison group.

Indeed, being a startup founder is incredibly stressful, with financial risks, opportunity costs, the pressure put on founders, high intensity, competition as the triggers to name a few. With COVID-19 outbreak, bringing even more risks and uncertainty to the entrepreneurial journey, we consider the wellbeing even more important to prevent any potential mental health crisis in the ecosystem.

Kiuas's cooperation with Hintsa Performance is a combination of expert lectures, workshops and coaching to address startups' challenges. The founders will also get to assess themselves across Hintsa’s holistic model and receive recommendations on reaching sustainable high performance.

We believe that our joint efforts and spearheading the trend of founders' wellbeing with Hintsa Performance would also encourage other players to support startup founders and proactively care when it comes to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, enabling them to be more creative, innovative and productive.

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