Batch of Start F20 - Creating value in online platforms for the gig economy

November 27, 2020
Written by 
Vanja La Vecchia

Technological advances, dictated by digitalization and automation, are radically altering all economic domains like production, consumption, transport, and communications. The booming of the gig economy, characterized by on-demand work, substituted more traditional job practices. A faster connection between supply and demand, and a high degree of autonomy, created new and different categories of workers who could plug in and out from the market when they want. From companies to solo entrepreneurs, from hobbyists to other creative talents, the gig economy has provided flexibility, short-term opportunities to freelancers and cost-efficient, and fast solutions for customers. Despite classy gig working categories, nowadays, options are expanding and involving other new professions and networking dynamics.

McKinsey estimates that 540 million people specialized in different sectors could be seeking work through "online talent platforms" by 2025, and its economic impact would be reaching $1.3 trillion annually by 2025. According to Cusimano et al. (2020), a valuable network is fundamental to unsure users' satisfaction on a platform. In the future, hybrid platforms, mixing both innovation and transaction, can be essential competitive advantages for new businesses while providing unique added value for its users. We, at Kyky Today, believe in a future made of connections and mutual collaboration. To break the wall of talent fragmentation and depersonalization, we support people's powers and community networking. Our methodology brings theory and action together. Our mission is to empower people to be active and give them the instrument to innovate and autonomously grow. Moreover, by sustaining the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals  -  No poverty, Decent work and Economic growth, and Reduce inequalities - we aim to fight unemployment and support both talents and vulnerable working categories in a measured and strategic way.

Unlike others, Kyky Today is a social service platform with a human touch that offers a tailored approach and solutions to its people. Our goal is to accelerate "people with skills"  - skillers - to the market by empowering their skills and contemporarily supporting their work flexibility, career growth, credibility, and income. Our set of technical tools from marketing support to accountancy will streamline users' workflows, help save time, and let them focus on creating more value for their customers.

We at Kyky Today believe that the future of business is on hybrid platforms that can support remote working internationalization and career relocation and, at the same time, foster on-demand jobs localization. Do you believe in platforms that create value?

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Kiuas F20 questions:

What was your childhood dream job?
My childhood dream job was to become an explorer, travel around the world, experience exciting adventures and meet different people.

If you would get 1 billion euros right now, what would you do?
I would first help friends and families in need. Then I would invest in research and companies trying to make a difference, for example, on sustainable projects on water supply and sanitation, or cure for cancer;  or educational programs for disadvantaged youths and vulnerable women.

Choose: A world without smartphones vs a world without food delivery. Why?
I would say a world without food delivery as I do not see it as an essential service in my life. Differently, we live in a world where technologies shape our life, create space of confrontation, provide knowledge, and diminish physical distances. I consider myself a global citizen, and technology is the mean through which membership and inclusion/exclusion happen.

If you had a dollar for every idea you have come up with, how much money would you have?
Uhm, from 5 to 10 dollars…

Ideal date: drinks or coffee? Why?
I think maybe coffee because a cafeteria setting makes more space for conversation, especially for a date. However, after 6 pm drinks only!

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