Batch of S21 - Caring for seniors in our society is something we need to get right and do it today

March 29, 2021
Written by 
Sergey Scherbakov

As we know, nowadays the world is going through difficult times. Pandemic divides the living into "Before" and "After". And all of us have to take it for granted and get used to living in new realia. Care and monitoring of vital parameters of elderly people have become incredibly critical because we want them to live safe and longer. 

The idea of creating technology for 24\7 and contactless monitoring of vital parameters has occurred in the founders' minds long before the pandemic. As it often happens, the reason for this was that some accidents happened to elderly relatives in Pulssir founders' families. It was the starting point of Pulssir's birth. Then there was a decision to create a non-contact monitoring system that can immediately alarm the critical situation and save and prolong people's lives.

Does society need such technologies? Will it be easy to win people's trust and let them realize the need for such a system? Can we manage to start and grow the company in times of Covid reality? We asked ourselves many questions, shared our ideas with each other and friends. Thought, weighed and discussed lots of such rounds. We needed to make the first step, and we made it. PULSSIR.

Pulssir consists of a talented group of engineers from various fields (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), electronics, security) and highly efficient managers who believe in future sensor technology with passion and devotion. Our team is small, but our hearts are big and full of energy and belief that we are doing the right thing. For our elder relatives. For us. For our children.

Our mission is to help elderly and sedentary people to get well and healthy by creating opportunities for their independent, convenient and safe living. We develop life-extending solutions. And we are proud of it.

We are so glad and feel this great opportunity to participate in Kiuas, the leading startup accelerator in Finland.  It provides all of us with invaluable support, top-level coaching, valuable networks and tools to push our business to the next level.

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Kiuas S21 questions

What was your childhood dream job?
As a child I wished to be an archaeologist, go on expeditions, meet people from all over the world, immerse myself in the history and dive into the Earth interior, find artifacts and save them for future generations. I agree that there is no future without the past.

If you would get 1 billion euros right now, what would you do? 
Oh, it is a nice question. I will take care of the well-being of my family but I invest most of this fond to eco-projects to save our planet: fighting with ocean pollution, deforestation on the planet, greenhouse effect, etc

Choose: A world with fast internet everywhere, anytime vs. A world with personal flying vehicles. Why? 
Need time to think… I suppose the second. In a world where everyone will have their own personal flying vehicles there will be no borders: we will forget about traffic jams and will be able to fly to other planets to visit our neighbors for the 5 o’clock tea with sweet buns.

If you could change one law in Finland, what would it be? 
Frankly speaking, it is difficult to answer as I don’t know Finnish legislation, its specifics and peculiarities, etc

Ideal vacation: a) A ride to space and back, b) 2 weeks in an all-inclusive, all paid beach resort, c) a week of alpine ski-hiking and riding in the Alps. 
All options are quite interesting. Now I prefer the option about the Alps. Due to the long lockdown, I need to get a long trip with hiking, mountains and ski to have a good reload.

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