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April 12, 2022
Written by 
Stefan Cave

Pivot! Pivot! Piiiiivot!

Velbi didn’t start out as a SaaS company. In fact, we didn’t even start off being called Velbi. In early 2020 we were sending monthly leadership newsletters under the pseudonym, Pros of Tomorrow. Since then we’ve pivoted 2 more times. With a name like Pros of Tomorrow, you can probably understand why!

Throughout our pivots our mission has stayed constant: we want to eliminate burnout once and for all. 

Our epiphany

It’s true that companies have upped their employee wellbeing game in recent years. Despite their efforts, burnout is increasing and is expected to get worse. On the surface, this doesn’t make any sense. Companies are offering all kinds of benefits to their employees: lunches, yoga, mediation and even therapy. Yet here we are. 

After a couple of months of research, running consultancy projects with pilot customers and talking with tons of business advisors (thanks Kiuas!), we had our epiphany. All of these employee benefits are aimed at treating the symptoms of burnout, not the root cause. 

If you struggle with time management or you feel like you don’t get on with your manager, things like yoga* are unlikely to help. You’d have more success if you, or your manager, change your working habits to create a much healthier workplace culture. 

*We should point out that we actually love yoga but understand that it’s probably not the best way to prevent burnout. Sorry yoga! 

Introducing Linda

Since our epiphany, we have been working hard to develop our solution. Introducing Linda, your personal wellbeing assistant.

Think of Linda as an important colleague and integral part of your team, capturing all factors related to burnout at work - but most importantly - offering practical tutorials that are known to bring the most impact.

Linda’s tutorials are designed to create a much healthier workplace culture. For an individual, this tutorial might be a prioritisation tool to improve time management. And for a manager, it might be a tutorial on coaching to help improve their leadership skills. Either way, these tutorials are intentionally short, ranging from 5-15 minutes.  

As far as we are aware, Linda will be the first “person” to actually understand what changes you, your manager and your organisation should make at work to prevent burnout. And the exciting thing is that these changes might not even have to be big. It could be as simple as removing WhatsApp as a work communication tool.

Changing the world -  one practical tutorial at a time

At Velbi we believe it’s possible to come to work, enjoy what you do, feel inspired, inspire others, and never burnout. In fact, this is not just possible, it is necessary. With the help of Linda, and our team of amazing advisors (you know who you are), we plan to build this reality - one practical tutorial at a time. 

Come eliminate burnout with us! 

There are a few ways you can do this, take your pick!


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