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April 7, 2022
Written by 
Alice Valdesalici

In recent years, there has been an increasing acknowledgement of the important role that mental health plays in our lives. This is because mental disorders are affecting more and more people around us. Just to give some numbers, according to WHO, almost 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a mental condition, making it one of the leading causes of disability. 

That’s shocking! But what’s more shocking is the fact that screening, diagnosis, access to professional care, treatments and monitoring are lagging making up serious challenges in effective care pathways.  

One thing that makes our mental health journey bumpy is the use of outdated and subjective measurement tools such as questionnaires and clinical interviews. Clinicians identify and evaluate patient’s symptoms by asking questions, observing the behavior, and administering self-reported questionnaires. However, these old-fashioned and time-consuming instruments often lead to errors in clinical assessment.  

Also, how much longer can this system be sustainable considering the shortage of mental health professionals and the steady increase in people with care needs? 


Good news is that there is huge excitement in mental health care innovation. 

Our future can and must be brighter, and here in Sensedat is what we aim to! 

We dream that all people have the opportunity to better understand the aspects of their psychological and physical well-being, making access to wellbeing services easy and quick (from healthcare to sport, and whatever in your life makes you feel good). 

Our mission is to provide digital reliable metrics to improve access and management of mental healthcare pathways by empowering professionals with feedback and people with self-care insights.​ 

Sensedat provides a complete set of digital markers recorded through wearable devices to ease:​ 

of a wide spectrum of mental health conditions (i.e., depression, anxiety, stress).  

We know, said like this it might sound very technical.  

However, it’s easier than you think.   

What you need is a smartwatch, whatever brand, that is connected to your smartphone and to our platform. Sensedat automatically downloads your physiological vital signs (i.e., heart rate, heart rate variability, physical activity, sleep), and your demographic information, taking care of your privacy of course. These data are sent to our cloud platform where they are analyzed through our artificial intelligence (AI) models. Once analyzed, data are sent back to your smartphone where you can find your personal and reliable insights on your mental and physical well-being.  


What can you find?  

We provide a list of informative markers and insights:  

Compared to other similar digital solutions, like generic stress indicators on the health apps, we supply more comprehensive and accurate feedback on your mental and physical health status considering the importance of mind-body relationship. 


What are the advantages of using sensedat? 

As we said before, mental health is an important aspect of our life that should not be ignored. Rather, we all should care about our health - both from a mental and physical perspective - and we should do it daily to live at our best! Taking care of ourselves is a crucial action to avoid and prevent the onset of mental and physical issues.  

Sensedat is here to help people looking after their emotional health, day after day, as a trusted companion on their journey towards well-being! With sensedat, you can easily be aware of your mood and stress levels, fully understand the metrics, and constantly track your mental health status without even thinking about it. This constant and reliable monitoring allows for better detection of vulnerabilities and problematic situations that can be quickly addressed and solved by professionals in the field.  


What’s on our radar? 

Our team is made of developers, software engineers, and is led by professionals with a strong background in psychology. This is why we have at heart the mental health of people. We hope that sensedat is a useful instrument to be used by anybody who wants to master their well-being.  

In the future, we envision sensedat to become a medical certified tool complementing the therapeutic process of people suffering from mental disorders.   


Follow our journey! 

Before saying goodbye, we want to invite you to take our test on your well-being status! It’s simple and fast. You can find it on our website:  

You can also follow us on LinkedIn and on Instagram to stay updated!  

Wishing you all the mental energies,  

Sensedat team


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