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April 26, 2022
Written by 
Feiya Long

Everything started from my own pain

We all know what has happened during the pandemic, everyone’s social life has been dramatically affected. What’s worse, it drastically limits children’s social ability, communication skills, and learning opportunities.

With my son, I noticed him become less and less talkative, and increasingly addicted to screens (games and videos). Even worse, he eventually refused to speak a single word of my mother tongue (the language I had taught him) to me, my relatives, and friends in China. My heart hurt so badly and I started to ask friends around for help. But when I look around, I know it will only be worse when he gets older. Not surprisingly, similar stories appear endlessly around us…

As parents, we have to admit that:  

Our network limits our children’s social circle.

Our language skills hinder our children’s language development.

Our narrow mind blocks our children’s vision.

Most importantly, our imagination defines our children’s future.

But we should improve

I started the proof of concept for Moi Panda in autumn 2021 and got a handful of paying customers who highly supported me to move forward. And the idea pivoted several times. But one thing never changes that is making the world a better place for children.

After talking with so many families, I figured that learning the mother tongue is a rigid demand, but there are also many other families want their children to improve social and communication skills, learn second languages, understand different culture, meet people with diverse backgrounds, make friends all around the world, and even arrange a family trip to visit those friends. However, they can’t do it because they don’t have enough resources.

So I realized that the demand is huge and the pain is strong. As parents, we all need a service that truly solves all the problems and makes parents’ life easier. If there is no such service, then I should do something.


Changing the world, making a real difference

Fortunately, I was not alone. This mission attracted many people along the way and there are many heroes behind the scenes. We developed an MVP based on the feedback from many reachable parents and children and we got more skillful talents to join us. We were lucky that the Kiuas team also understood our mission and gave us a pass to be a part of the amazing journey. So finally, the company was funded in April 2022 with the name Moi Panda.


We help children truly become global citizens

How? To conquer those problems, we bring the synergy of three important elements: language learning, socializing and communicating, and making friends with the key philosophy of learning by practicing. It’s fun & easy, efficient & sustainable, anytime & anywhere, meaningful, and most importantly it’s safe because the children’s own parents are invited. It happens just like a play date!

Moi Panda provides a social and educational APP for both children and parents to make friends worldwide! It connects children and parents all around the world anytime and anywhere.

We help children of all ages together with their parents to learn and practice how to choose friends, how to make friends, and how to maintain good friendships worldwide. By doing this, children get a chance to learn new languages, while practicing social and communication skills in multiple languages through peer-to-peer support. Meanwhile, their parents can be friends as well and exchange education-related experience and parenting tips, and share all kinds of feelings, struggles, and experiences globally.

We believe that if all children would have the chance to use Moi Panda, it would significantly reduce loneliness, develop their social skills with diverse people, and really help them feel better and become good persons.

Join us in this creative and meaningful journey

We know such a big dream won’t come true without a group of passionate and committed people. That’s also the reason that our team has been constantly growing with more and more talents who share the same mission and vision. If you do too, please contact us!  

Feiya Long

CEO & Founder




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