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March 22, 2022

The story behind Lakihelppi

Johanna almost spilled her coffee when her mother-in-law said that they had just paid a lawyer 500 € to fix one word in their will. Johanna had a hard time believing that there really was no cheaper and easier way to handle one’s legal affairs and even the mighty Google offered zero reasonable options. That shaky cup of coffee was the beginning of the story called Lakihelppi.

The story is joined by a lawyer, Katariina (also a big coffee fan), who happened to strongly believe, that the old-fashioned legal field was in serious need of a bigger update. Yes, the legal services are super difficult to approach, and the customers really are afraid of astronomical lawyer bills, but there is also room for improvement in the legal industry. The working conditions aren’t that attractive, there is no possibilities to work in one’s own terms and the time spent on assignments is not efficient (therefore the frightening legal fees). 

And so, just like several other startups, the two women found themselves facing a big problem that needed to be solved yesterday. 

How does one modernize the legal services?

Easy! Just reform the way people see legal services by offering cheap, easily approachable, and simple legal service. To make the service cheaper, we significantly improve the time spent by lawyers on assignments with our technology. The same technology connects lawyers with the customers and brings them into everyone’s pockets. How could the access to legal help be closer and any easier than that? In addition to all this, we wanted to stand out from other players in the legal field and emphasize the accessibility through our brand and easy use of technology. 

So, this is how Lakihelppi brings legal services available to everyone, regardless or time, place or how thick your wallet is. As we said - easy, right?

Let’s simsalabim also working in the legal field 

Lakihelppi does not only change the way ordinary people see legal services, but also the way a future lawyer works. Whether you are a lawyer or any expert, it’s hard to imagine a better way to work, than to get to work from anywhere and at the times you decide. Lakihelppi’s technology and platform provides a perfect working opportunity for all those who want to fully determine how they work. 

Here, too, we wanted to do a bit better. Normally it takes from several hours to weeks for a lawyer to handle a single assignment. With our technology, a lawyer can only focus to the jurisprudence and the substance alone, and the time used on one assignment will be reduced even into minutes. Simsalabim!

Join our excitement

In, you can soon chat with our lawyer wherever you want while having a relaxing cup of coffee. Doesn’t it all sound so cool? We think so too! You can join our excitement and follow our journey in Instagram & LinkedIn.  

With law, Katariina & Johanna from Lakihelppi

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