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October 14, 2022

Besco Software was officially established in September 2021 in Finland with the participation of four experienced software engineers with the big ambition to leverage their knowledge and experiences in the IT field to help other companies tackle software problems. After one year, the team has started to grow bigger and expanded to ten employees so far. During one year, we have made noticeable progress with generating more client companies within Finland and two companies outside Finland. More than building software products, our mission and vision is to build credibility with our customers. Our team carried out more than ten projects with high quality reviews from our clients.

Besides consulting software development, we also incubate a start-up idea referring to electric vehicle charging payment by leveraging superior features of blockchain technology.

The name of our product: EuronPay

EuronPay can be regarded as an innovative and cutting edge payment technology which promises the high security, intelligence and cost-efficiency that EV owners are looking for.

What problems can EuronPay solve?

Besco Software acknowledges the current problem about charging payment that each electric provider requires EV users to register for RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) tag if they would like to charge their car in the specific brand charging station. This puts an extreme burden on EV users in case they want to travel abroad where their regular charging providers are not available and they have to register for other RFID tags. This ultimately causes a lot of hassle to EV drivers.

The second problem that comes to our mind is about the electric charging fee. As we can see nowadays, European countries are on the brink of electricity scarcity. The electricity price has already ramped up surprisingly, which can hinder people from investing in an
electric car.

Thus, Besco Software leverages Blockchain technology to attempt to make a significant reduction of charging fee for EV users.

What value can EuronPay bring to our customers?

EuronPay makes it possible to use a single RFID tag at any charging station worldwide. Using blockchain and web3 technology, EuronPay enables all charging providers to participate in EuronPay blockchain network and receive payments instantly without third-party banks involved. Thanks to the direct transaction from the blockchain network, all intermediaries in the payment system can be eliminated with the purpose of reducing charging fees and allowing customers to maximize their electricity charging.

EuronPay is based on the Solana blockchain, which provides a permanent, neutral, universal blockchain platform. EuronPay implements a payment gateway on the chain, independent of any service provider. This brings clarity, trust for charging service providers and immutable charging transaction history for end users.

Furthermore, EuronPay's serverless mobile application allows users to keep their data privately on the phone. No more worry of server data breach or personal credit card information leak. EuronPay promises high security and transparency to our EV users when they proceed with their charging payment.

At the moment, our team is at the stage of product prototyping. With the hope to launch EuronPay next year, we believe that EuronPay will affirm its position on the EV market and we expect that EuronPay will get a lot of attention and support from investors and our EV customers.

Joining in Kiuas program is our pleasure and golden opportunity for our team to kick start EuronPay and accelerate it closer to launching day.

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