Ax'21 - Selling domestic is so 2020 - EAS helps you to conquer the whole EU

July 28, 2021
Written by 
Teemu Konttinen

Selling domestic is so 2020!

Why settle for domestic markets when you make the whole EU as your home market!?

Home market of 445.000.000 affluent people sounds good, right?

Fun fact: Tax compliance issues is the main barrier in front of e-commerce expansion to new markets. 

So what’s the issue with EU tax compliance? Well, 27 different countries with their own VAT regulations, VAT reporting in their local systems in their local language - good luck with that.

That's where EAS comes in

EAS is here to remove your compliance problems, with full automation and fraction of your current cost. Whether you sell EU cross-border, deliver from outside of EU, or you have storages in EU while selling from outside of EU, or you take a hand-stand every time there’s a sell, EAS helps you. Not with the hand-stands but with getting you more space and time to keep doing the hand-stands.

But we didn’t stop at VAT

Are you delivering from outside of EU straight to your customers in EU? Easier said that done. After the 1st of July, shipments without full customs data in the correct form will be stuck in customs, and no-one knows for how long. And the thing is, there is no cost-efficient, secure way to deliver all customs data to customs.

We teamed up with Universal Postal Union, the umbrella organisation for all the postal operators in the world, and created a secure blockchain for customs data, and we added it to our features.

Fast-track customs procedures here we come. Faster deliveries - happier customers!

With EAS, you’re not only VAT compliant but VAT and customs compliant for the whole EU. 

More and happier customers, and less expenses, what’s not to like?

EAS helps you to conquer the whole EU

Kiuas Ax'21 questions

Who or what inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

We can make a mark on the world, we can be truly a force for good. I love Europe, I believe in Europe and WE can make Europe better! I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life and never have I felt more purpose and explanation to WHY before.

If you would get 10 billion euros right now, what would you do?

You mean after paying my previous years of ”entrepreneurship”? Invest. The only way we can save the world we live in is by creating new solutions to tackle the potentially existential threats we are facing. Angel, seed, anything, let’s go. 

Oh, and I would buy my parents both red Porsches. Maybe sister too.

Who is your favorite superhero?


If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

Stupidity. I believe there is enough intellect in the world already to make this a better place. It is just the stupid. Part of our team (Yours truly) will likely be wiped out also but it would be definitely worth it.

Main course at dinner, choose: a) Monkey brains with devils sauce and baby vegetables, b) lab grown steak from human cells and béarnaise with crispy fries, c) Organically grown Nepenthes Truncata salad, including tomatoes, sweet blue peppers and glowing mushrooms with a small chance to kill you instantly.

c) We need more adrenaline.

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