Ax'21 - Call a pro!

August 2, 2021
Written by 
Jani Isohanni

I once visited a lawyer I know. There was a cognac bottle on the doorstep. I asked about it and he told me that a friend had called and asked for advice. The bottle was a thank you for the advice. 

I asked, why didn't he send an invoice. He said that he would have, but it’s not worth all the paperwork and follow-up. Being from an entrepreneurial family this got me thinking.

The value of knowledge 

In the information society expertise is valuable. Anyone can google but an expert knows which pieces of the overwhelming information are relevant in your case. A short discussion with the right person can save you a lot of time, money and nerves.

It’s good if you can call a friend for legal advice, but what about those who don’t have a lawyer in their phone book? And this applies to all information centric professions like IT, veterinarians, product support and you-name-it. Nobody knows experts from all the areas where they could use advice every now and then. 

This extends to organisations too. They use freelancers and subcontractors to top up the expertise of their own employees. The amount of sole proprietors, freelancers and small businesses is growing all the time and they take a bigger role in society. Work life is going through a massive change.

Selling expertise made easy

We wanted to connect the people needing advice with an expert, and make these contacts beneficial for both parties. 

SecondTie developed a mobile app where the expert can set up a phone service with a price. When people call the expert in the app, it will automatically take care of the money transaction and receipts.

The solution frees the entrepreneur from the burden of sending and following up invoices of these contacts. The entrepreneur can concentrate on their expertise and serving the customers. 

In addition, the internet-based solution is not limited to national borders or phone networks. You can serve customers worldwide from wherever you want to be. Further, our solution provides a very low-threshold contact point for anyone. A successful first contact can lead to longer co-operation. 

World full of opportunities

Our solution can be used for multiple different purposes and we are now hunting for the lucrative verticals. 

Sole proprietors, freelancers and small businesses benefit from our solution the most. We help them to cope with the change of work life by providing a very low threshold contact point with automatic invoicing. 

We will host the world’s most accessible community of experts. Become a part of it on our website!

Kiuas Ax'21 questions

Kiuas wants to introduce the SecondTie team on a personal level by an interview of a few questions.

Who or what inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I am from an entrepreneurial family. The idea of making your own living inspires me.

If you would get 10 billion euros right now, what would you do?

After the usual (pay my mortgage and self-fund my startup) I’d help entrepreneur communities and charity organisations to create decent work for all.

Who is your favorite superhero?

All the entrepreneurs in the world. :)

If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

The UN sustainability goal #8 is to promote decent work for all. I think decent work is the key to a good life in general so that’s what I’d want everyone to have.

Main course at dinner, choose: a) Monkey brains with devils sauce and baby vegetables, b) lab grown steak from human cells and béarnaise with crispy fries, c) Organically grown Nepenthes Truncata salad, including tomatoes, sweet blue peppers and glowing mushrooms with a small chance to kill you instantly.

Seems that the menus have changed quite radically since my last visit to a restaurant… Anyway, from these options I would go with C, because I can always call a doctor via our solution. :)

Cover photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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