Ax'21 - Brands for Impact - A revolution of the brand/consumer relationships

July 14, 2021
Written by 
Amanda Berglund

Our world is on fire. Generations of over-consumption has taken its toll. For humanity to have a bright future, business as usual is no longer an option. 

Every year, brands spend an enormous half a trillion dollars on ads that most consumers ignore. Studies prove that 96% of digital ads get less than 1 second of attention today. Ad blocking is a staple of the digital world and consumers are sick of being click-baited and hunted down.

One thing we have learned in this programme with Kiuas is that people want to interact with startups with a mission and passion. That same demand has been put on global corporate brands. People are waking up to the knowledge that their power lies in their attention and their money and are starting to boycott brands who damage and disrespect the planet. People want brands to be responsible and stop greenwashing.

A tectonic shift in the marketing world is upon us, one where impact funding sits at the very core of the media buying model. Because how insane is it that so much capital goes to keeping this destructive wheel of over-consumption and fast money going, instead of funding causes that every day strive towards us all having a sustainable future?

We at Brim want to create this shift and be a game changing community of consumers (people) and brands working together to put the planet and humanity first by channeling billions of dollars directly to NGOs and the UN SDGs. Unlike the existing media model where all media spend goes to the platform or promotion, ‘Brands of Brim’ instantly redirect 50% to NGOs.

The rest goes to creating and sharing stories that showcase the work that they’re doing to help clean up the planet and their supply chain; the ones that contribute to the UN SDG goals and reduce their carbon footprint, deforestation and human slavery. Consumers here get rewarded for their time/attention they give these stories, rewards they can spend on their favourite brands. 

This is how we turn an ignored ad campaign into a mission lead, shareable, community event at the same time as building trusted, meaningful relationships.

Kiuas Ax'21 questions

Who inspired you to be an entrepreneur? 
Well, as cheesy as it may seem, it was my co-founder Naimul who saw something in me when building this idea. He saw how we would complete each other and he was correct. We’re now a diverse team based in Stockholm and the UK.

If you would get 10 billion euros right now, what would you do?
Part of it I’d invest in our company to create a shopping assistant for people to compare goods and brands depending on what SDG they’re most passionate about, so that they are able to quickly find the information they need for a specific purchase. Also to hire experts to create informative content. A big chunk would go to research prostate cancer, mainly for selfish reasons. Another one to my amazing friends at Amazon Watch who are doing a fantastic, and dangerous, job in supporting Indigenous people in South America to save Earth’s Lungs, for all our sakes.

Who is your favorite superhero?
Right now Greta is one of my favorite people around. A superhero for me is someone who stands up against the massive corporate and political patriarchy. It’s an insanely difficult mission she is on and more of us need to take on that fight.

If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be?
Obviously what is closest to my heart, climate change. Unfortunately we would have to change a million things, and go back in time to change the damage that humans have done. But yeah, climate change!

Main course at dinner, choose: a) Monkey brains with devils sauce and baby vegetables, b) lab grown steak from human cells and béarnaise with crispy fries, c) Organically grown Nepenthes Truncata salad, including tomatoes, sweet blue peppers and glowing mushrooms with a small chance to kill you instantly.
Well that last one sounded exciting but being a bearnaise lover (like almost all Swedes for some reason) I’d go with b! 

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