Batch of S21 - AInova and patient risk reduction - Unlocking the hidden data in Medical images

April 21, 2021
Written by 
Jack Parker

AI in medicine is growing exponentially and, despite initial reservations from Medics, it is undeniable that utilizing machine learning in a supportive role improves the efficiency of workflows and reduces the amount of misdiagnoses. A significant number of startups, globally, are developing AI image recognition tools for analyzing patient scans to highlight disease that could be missed by the human eye.

Here at AInova MedTech we build on the fantastic work of these companies but from a patient safety perspective. In the realm of Cardiovascular disease (the no.1 killer worldwide) just to get these scans requires subjecting the patient to potentially harmful procedures. We are reducing the risk of these invasive investigations which involve sedation, radiation exposure and potentially toxic dyes by unlocking the hidden data potential of current scanning techniques. 

Our solution enables patients to have a scan without radiation, without toxic dyes and without a needle in sight! We utilize a scan technique already existing in most hospitals around the world. The resulting images are processed through our product and the Doctor is delivered a report just as informative as the dangerous investigations without the risk!

An additional benefit of our solution is the reduction of what’s known as ‘downstream testing’. We provide the Doctors with all the information they need to make a decision on whether the patient requires surgery or can be managed with drugs or lifestyle changes alone. Therefore the requirement for ‘further investigation’ is reduced, optimizing surgical schedules, reducing cost to the hospitals and freeing up Doctors to do what they do best - caring for their patients. 

Our ethos here at AInova is ‘Care to Care’. We love working with people who are motivated by caring for others, utilizing whatever their specialist knowledge or passions are. With a team consisting of experience in Industrial Design, Cardiology, Mixed reality, AI and computational modelling, Biomedical Science, Automation, Business Strategy and Biological R&D, we can safely say that we attack industry problems holistically! It’s incredible to experience the cross-disciplinary problem solving that goes on in our meetings! 

Kiuas S21 questions

What was your childhood dream job?
A racing driver who could also fly… I guess I’ve always been ambitious. Should’ve invested in Airbus.

If you would get 1 billion euros right now, what would you do?
I would begin my dream venture into a ‘smart hospital’ model that is not burdened by the historic logistical issues faced by huge institutions like the NHS. I’m a firm believer in affordable healthcare for all. 

Choose: A world with fast internet everywhere, anytime vs. A world with personal flying vehicles. Why?
Well based on my childhood ambition of racing in the skies, I’d have to go with an aerial F1 car. 

If you could change one law in Finland, what would it be?
The fact that it’s illegal to talk to Finns about the Russian occupation. Oh it’s not? Somebody should tell you guys…

Ideal vacation: a) A ride to space and back, b) 2 weeks in an all-inclusive, all paid beach resort, c) a week of alpine ski-hiking and riding in the Alps.
I could never pass on the chance to go to Mars and when everybody back on Earth asks how it was I reply, ‘not much atmosphere’. I’d go into the Dad joke hall of fame. 

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