Kiuas Accelerator – Meet the batch of 2020

June 16, 2020
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Kiuas team


Calqulate is a cashflow forecasting and financial analytics software for SaaS and other platform businesses. Calqulate aggregates data from 150+ applications, automating financial forecasting from sales funnel analytics, revenue and expenditure forecasts up to cashflow forecasting. Calqulate enables anyone to work as a CFO of an SME business by automating financial routines.


Cetopo is a GIS webservice for architects. We save time and money for our customers, while also enabling next-gen 3D/BIM workflows.  Powered by a modern map-UI, Cetopo lets you download highly customizable data files directly to your software of choice, in just seconds.  Cetopo is currently only available in Finland, but the rest of the Nordics are on the agenda for 2020.


Builderhead is a construction management software designed for real estate developers and general contractors. The software combines project development, procurement, and construction management into a streamlined pipeline. We bring an industry specific project development CRM, bid Management/SRM and project management software in one easy-to-use platform which integrates easily with other most used software in the industry.

Green Planet Astronauts

Green Planet Astronauts is space food for kids. The mission is to make the world more plant-based with Astro Nautson and friends by healthy foods and drinks from oats. Today’s kids make the future plant-based by learning healthy eating habits early on that are also good for the planet. The first Space Snack oat smoothie recipe is originally homemade in a family kitchen from oatmeal leftovers to avoid food waste.


Hydrohex is a media-platform for the modern-day aquatic exerciser, who appreciates experiences and freedom of choice. Hydrohex software displayed on waterproof screens, offer versatile inspiring and schedule-free virtual aquatic workouts available on-demand by the pool. Hydrohex market penetration has so far exceeded 25% of the Finnish public and private pool industry. The company has its goal set on rapid international growth towards becoming the global leading brand within virtual aqua fitness.

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics is developing 3D printing robots that produce reinforced concrete structures automatically for infrastructure and industrial projects, more efficiently and more sustainably than traditional construction. Hyperion’s team has more than 8 years of academic and research experience in 3D printing, more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry and they are on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable and automated construction. is helping B2B marketers reach different customer segments through personalized websites and data. They identify companies visiting on your website and personalize content based on firmographic, CRM, and marketing campaign data. Marketers can quickly build new segments with filters and create personalizations with a visual editor. wants to replace generic websites with content that is always the most relevant to the visitor.

Neuvo Inc. Global

Neuvo Inc. Global’s innovative eHealth solution is made to accelerate achieving SDGs and global UHC. Primarily we work towards SDG3 and our main focus is to fight for better global maternity health. We work together with the United Nations and IBM.

Neuvo Inc. Global’s solution is AI-based multilingual (over 100 languages) voice-controlled Smartbot with advanced data analytics. We deliver a new informative data layer for decision-makers based on NLP and ML data processing tools from the natural human discussion dialogs.


Personik is building a digital assistant that delivers an integrated employee experience by giving employees a single place to manage all their work needs, experiences and transitions while shielding them from the complexity of corporate processes and back-end systems.


Sensegrass inc is developing the first soil intelligence platform for sustainable food system using a patented IoT+AI technology and food identity platform using blockchain to reduce food waste.


StyleDoubler is a social commerce platform for influencers and online merchants. The company develops a platform that allows influencers to earn money by promoting the products they love, across various verticals and marketplaces.


Superest is a call automation company that has developed unique call automation software for sales and growth teams. The software enables users to launch 3 cold calls per second, which means 10 800 cold calls per hour. The software utilizes IVR navigation technology, which is easy to use and familiar to most people. Superest has clients from small startups to some of the top 100 Finnish public companies.


Going viral. Black Friday. Product launch. Your website will crash when it shouldn't. sends users in masses to any website that automatically browse the site as real website visitors do.  With it is possible to test how many real users a website can handle before it's too late.


Talbit is a Talent management software that helps companies develop, grow and succeed strategically through the right growth plans for each employee. Each employee creates and follows an individual, visual and reactive growth plan with goals linked to team and company objectives and those goals broken down into measurable actions. Completing company and team level objectives will create meaning, purpose and success.

Urban Cycles

Urban Cycles is a software and design driven tech company, offering a lightweight electric bicycle that makes cycling stress-free, fast and classy. The company has redefined how a modern e-bike should look, ride and feel, making it a perfect door-to-door personal transport for urban commutes.


Zenniz is launching the most advanced & affordable club level tennis smart court system in the world this fall. The system tracks all activity on the tennis court, records video of it, and provides automatic highlights, line calls and data analysis of matches. It also provides a new way of doing interactive on-court drills. The smart court system is paired with a comprehensive platform of following player development, advanced coaching, and social sharing of your best moments on the court.

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