Kiuas Bootcamp

What is Kiuas Bootcamp?

In our experience, the best way to get to know a team is not just through an application, but by working with them. We want to understand what are you currently spending your time on, and what is the pace and level of execution at your startup to discover the best teams for Kiuas Accelerator Spring 2024.

We have created an opportunity for us to get to know the teams that apply to Kiuas better while offering support and resources to anyone who wants to take their startup to the next level.


  • On Monday 12.2. we kick off the week with a live day at Startup Sauna. During the day we host multiple workshops on the fundaments of building a startup and provide mentorship to help you build your goals and plan for the week. The schedule will be provided to those who apply.
  • By Monday evening each team submits their goals for the week. Depending on your stage and focus the goal could be one of the following:

    • Conduct 25 customer discovery interviews
    • Close 5 new customers
    • Run a pre-launch campaign and grow your waitlist

    We want you to focus on what really matters for your company, so we simply ask you to share whichever goals you regularly have for your week.

  • You work on your goals independently and remotely for the rest of the week. Each evening you submit a very quick recap of how you are progressing on your goals. We assess your ability to set and reach goals as well as your ability to learn.
  • During the week we offer support via online office hours and Slack groups that you can use flexibly whenever you need help.
  • On Friday 16.2. we close the week with a final submission where you share your progress and what you learned during the week. In the afternoon we will host a live end of the bootcamp session followed by an afterwork party at Startup Sauna, where we announce which team has been directly selected to join the Spring 24 batch.
  • We'll announce the rest of the teams that have been selected for the Kiuas Spring 2024 Accelerator Program by 29.2.

What do I benefit from the bootcamp?

  • You get a chance to be directly selected for the Kiuas Accelerator. We select one team already at the end of the week, fully based on their bootcamp performance.
  • This is a chance for you to evaluate if joining Kiuas would benefit your startup. Consider this a mutual process of understanding if Kiuas Accelerator is the right choice for you.
  • Even if you are not selected for the accelerator you will gain valuable knowledge and skills to take your idea forward. We may also continue to work with you in our Kiuas Labs.
  • Invaluable peer-to-peer founder network. We connect all participants via Slack group that becomes your founder-to-founder support group for the week. At Kiuas our motto is to never build alone, so we encourage founders actively and openly talk about their problems with other founders to speed up their learning.
  • Unlimited 15-minute sparring sessions throughout the week with Kiuas team members.
  • On top of the workshops we provide, during the week you can participate in sessions in which we bring seasoned entrepreneurs online to share the story of their early days of validating before they built multimillion-dollar startups.

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