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Kiuas Coach and Mentor Pool is made of experienced coaches, business professionals, industry and domain experts, and exceptional founders, who successfully walked-the-walk and now want to share their knowledge with the next thriving generation. All mentoring services are thus offered as a pro bono. Every single coach and mentor at Kiuas is a valued member of our Kiuas family as they are with us on a mission to help exceptional founders build world-changing companies. They do this by offering invaluable peer-to-peer support to our startups while challenging their assumptions and pushing them forward to move fast and ambitiously.

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I really enjoyed meeting each of the founders and hearing about their ideas and struggles. They did a great job of bringing questions to me and sharing information that helped me provide answers that they could use. The information provided ahead of time was helpful as well.

Mary Fuller, Regional Director, USPTO Silicon Valley Regional Office
Excellent arrangements by Kiuas, good length of session - long enough but not too long. Liked the teams, had quite interesting conversations with them and will do at least some follow-up with all.

Kaija Pöysti, Business Coach
Workshops and Deepdives

Interactive sessions that focus on a specific topic. Topic is selected based on:

1) Expert's domain
2) Teams' current needs

1-on-1 Personalized Mentoring

Every week we have dedicated afternoons (from 12pm-18pm EET) when each mentor selects 2h+ of mentoring slots of own choosing. During these 2 hours, you meet with 3 teams for 3 separate 40-minute slots.

We match the teams a week before your chosen mentoring slot based on their most current challenges, expertise and experience. We send you the additional information on the teams we match you with a week before your mentoring afternoon.

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