Head of Partnerships



Preferred starting time

Early July


Startup Sauna


As Head of Partnerships, you will be in charge of Kiuas' external relations, acquiring partners, and developing long-term partnerships with various entities. Few other organizations work as closely with startups as Kiuas, and until now we have not utilized it entirely. Also, our startups would benefit from having a way to connect with the corporate world.

All-in-all, Kiuas partnerships include a lot of potential in many directions, and Head of Partnerships is going to be the one seizing these opportunities. As this is going to be a new role, one key aspect is simply structuring our partnerships operations and strategy.


Systematic visionary. You will be both the creator and the executor of the partnerships strategy.   This requires the ability to create plans and then work with them.

Business-oriented. Understanding what Kiuas can offer, and what kind of companies we should collaborate with, requires business sense. Related studies can definitely help you, but are not mandatory.

Previous experience with partnerships. It's not written in stone, but in case you have never cold-called anyone, you might have to focus too much on the basics.


As a new role, there is a lot of ground work to be done. You will grow your professional network and get to represent Kiuas.

How to apply?

Get in touch before 18.5.

Send a message to hello@kiuas.com that includes
1) the role(s) you are interested in,
2) a brief introduction about yourself,
3) a link to your LinkedIn (if possible).

Recruitment process

For all of the roles, the recruitment process has three steps:
1) 1-on-1 meeting with Patrik.
2) Small role-specific assignment.
3) Final interview with the current team.


We aim to be as transparent as possible about how we proceed with the process and make final decisions for all roles before June, however, the positions will be filled as soon as possible. Starting times for each role can be found in the role-specific descriptions.

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Dive into the world of startups

Kiuas is at the heart of the Finnish startup ecosystem. Through this role, you will not only be creating the future of startups, but you will also see the scene closer than anyone else.

Opportunities to grow

A large role equals a lot of responsibilities. However, if you are ready to take the responsibility, Kiuas can provide unprecedented ways for you to learn and grow as a person.

Top-notch working culture

Kiuas is a top-quality accelerator, but it does not come at the cost of the team. Just like any early-stage investor would say, it all starts with the team. And a healthy and inclusive team culture is what Kiuas is about.

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