Should our startup apply for Start or Accelerator?

In Start, the focus is on validating your idea, building the early versions of your product, and securing your first customers. We don’t require a registered company nor a full-time founding team - no idea is too early. However, you can also be more towards the Accelerator-stage (already launched, full-time team etc.) in case you feel the program could bring value to you.

In Accelerator, the focus is on further topics such as product-market-fit, market entry, growth, sales, scaling up, and fundraising. You should have already built a somewhat functional version of your producy, gained some validation, and the majority of the founding team should be working full-time.

Having trouble to decide on the right program for you? Please shoot us a message and we can together discuss which one suits you better.


Pauliina Lämsä



Patrik Holopainen