How does Kiuas differ from other accelerators?

  • We take zero equity and the programs are free of charge. How?
  • We embrace the "from founder to founder" -mentality. We make sure that the people helping our startups have actually built successful companies themselves.
  • Content-wise, we aim to stick to topics that truly move the startups forward. Instead of perfecting your pitch and making you look like you succeed, we want you to actually succeed by focusing intensively on customers and product.
  • We have a pretty unique position in the scene. Unlike VCs and commercial accelerators, our success is not based on the financial success of the startups accepted, thus we can help founders in their earliest stages. It really doesn't matter how early you are.
  • We are well-connected. Our broad network consists of entrepreneurs, investors, clients, talent, and all the relevant players within the Finnish startup ecosystem.
  • Our participants constanly give the programs an average rating of >9.5/10.
  • Kiuas is founded and ran by students.


Pauliina Lämsä



Patrik Holopainen