Inside Community Gathering vol.4

Inside Community Gathering vol.4

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24.3.2022 17:00
24.3.22 19:00
Online (Gather)

Time to celebrate the spring with an Inside meeting!

Brand new projects have been updated to our platforms as well as many new profiles! Not reinventing the wheel yet, but going with the good old format of showcasing cool and innovative projects our platform holds as well as the people behind them. There is no better way to get insights in a nutshell of the Kiuas Inside platform than joining our virtual office space to see firsthand. Join for the presentations, stay for the conversations.

The event will consist of short intros to different projects and profiles, and will continue with time reserved to meeting and talking to the community and the Kiuas Team. The event will be organized once again in our partnering platform, Gather and will be held the 24th of March at 17.00 EET.

Kristiina from Elo will participate in this event to introduce herself to the community and to answer any burning questions about entrepreneurs' pension insurances. Taking care of the paperwork can be stressful when starting a business, but having someone on the inside to hold your hand through the process is a huge help!

Gather is a game-like video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. Before joining the space, you’ll go through a very quick tutorial where you learn how the platform works. ‍

Join our virtual Gather space using this link: ➡

The event is meant primarily to registered Inside members, but everyone interested is warmly welcomed to join. We encourage new people to register at


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